Wednesday, June 09, 2004

misscall vs over acting


i was just being pranked by an old friend.. sometimes, people can be very mean..X( hehe, i couldn't care less anyway.. but after receiving that phony phonecall, i got an idea about what to write....yes, people, MISSCALL (i don't think such word exist, but mobile phone users out there should know it, right?)

talk about it an idea of fun?? and should we return the call?? hmm, frankly writing, receiving misscall once in a while gives me that happy feeling,you know, people remember me, and do make and effort to show it..although, talking is way better..hehe, but i do understand, people want to save their credit, and, two, three times of misscall is fine..more than that, you're pissing me off..hehe. NOT!! i appreciate the effort people..

and then, the ethics, and the art of playing a friend of mine once put it..misscall MUST be returned with another misscall.. this is to show 'tanda penghormatan'lorr, but this rule, people, only applies to the numbers that you know..and it's the same with smss.. ever been a victim of uncivilised people, making fun of others when they changed to a new number?? the classic/lame line...."eh, saye dah lame perhatikan awak....boleh berkenalan?? and.... if you give ANY response to this kind of nonsense, the prankster will only have a reason roll over with joy that you've been punk'd... but hey, i think it's only normal for you to be a victim once in your life..

now, the right time to misscall there's actually to specific time, please use some common sense and a little bit of consideration.. hypothetically you wake up in the middle of the night, it is okay to miscall others if you just feel like it, but let the phone ring less than three times, or, blink only if possible..don't EVER let the other person pick up the phone and then, you immidiately hang up..that is total EVIL, dear people..

misscall had revolusionized the courting process among the youngsters these longer mushy love letters(but i know there are still people out there who prefer the old fashioned way, more romantic perhaps?!)..see, i've been so-called-expert in this area... hahaha... nothing to brag about.. but, it's true... first, it all starts with a misscall,and more misscalls.when the line is clear,smss take over and then,finally, the long real awaited calls.. it's just like the hotlink sms plan/talk pla.."when i first me nick, blah blah blah..." macam kenal!!!! hehe

enough of misscall. i want to continue about overacting pulak, not bad acting like the previous entry..but, think again, overacting IS, bad acting... this time, tanak kutuk sesiapa, just myself, and my friends..... haha, cerita bang**g....

this one time, me, wani, ain and ju deviced a 'brilliant' master plan, to go to mid valley without iylia following us, let alone know about the plan. it wasn't at all easy since iylia was our roommate. the thing is, her birthday was coming, so we wanted to get her was on friday, and i remember the whole act clearly..of course, how can i forget!!! the bottom line is, we had to convince iylia that we were going out with someone, not any uitm student..(challenging tak?)

during lunch..

nina: yeay, petang ni kite nak kuar dengan kawan kiter.. gi midvalley kot dengan saper??
nina:erm... fairuz

bla bla bla

nina: eh wani, petang ni awak nak kuar jugak kan? dengan zul?(boyfriend dier)
wani: a ahla
nina:pukul berape ek?
wani:entah la, mamat tu kalau janji ............

yada yada yada

nina: ju ade cakap smalam dier nak kluar jugak kan??(ju tak join lunch mase ni)
wani: a ah.. dengan kawan dier, sape ntah?!

at this time, ain wanted to act too, and join the club...

ain: eh iylia, ko tau tak ape plan aku petang ni...
iylia: ape?
ain: dok atas katil, tidoo jela.. (dengan nada hampa, kunun tak kuar laa petang tu)
iylia: haa, bagus.... aku lepak bilik ko!! (btw, ain dok bilik lain)

PANG!!! AYOYO!! nina, wani dan ain dah saling berpandangan penuh makna & tertanya2, macam mane nih?!?!dalam hati, ooo la cik ain, lengkali tutup jela mulut tu.....hehe

so when we got back, we spilled everything to ju and then got ready..iylia wasn't there because she was at ain's, LEPAKKING....hmm

tengah siap2, ain called...
ain: eh nina, tolong laa... ape aku nak cakap kat iylia nih?!?! dier ade kat bilik aku lagi... aku tak tau laa....

si nina dengan jayanya merangka satu muslihat.....

later, iylia pun balik bilik kami ..... by that time, satu rumah kecoh, ade yang nak iron bajulah, nak mandilah, packing barang lah....

so, in the effort to convince iylia once again, i blurted out " eh wani, awak ngan zul kluar pegi OU kan??" konon, tanak kasi kuar tempat samelah, since me and my imiginary fairuz were going to midvall..then, wani pulak said one 'clever' line.."eh sumorang nak kluar hari ni...iylia, awak tak kluar ke?"
and, dekat background, dengar suara ju menceceh about her friend yang baru balik dari japan, "ala, kawan yang kite nak jumpe ni lah"....yada yada yada.....CRAP!!

okay, people, this is what we call, OVERACTING, pointing the obvious !! whatever happen to the natural, more laid back kind of acting?? hish..

i guess, we made it pretty obvious that we just made up the whole she'bang act, but somehow, iylia didn't seem to realize.. or did she?! dier pun, bab-bab belakon ni, boleh tahan dier pun just 'go with the flow'.. hehe...then she said, she wanted to get back home..we were like... huuuh, relieved that we finally got rid of iylia (hehe, in a good way la, plus.. kitorang carik hadiah untuk ko jugak tau..just in case iylia reads this)...

moral of the story.............makan goreng pisang lagi best.. mak baru bawak balik!! sedap!!gtg, assalamualaikum!!

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