Sunday, June 06, 2004

no idea.....bad acting??

skarang sakit bahu..SANGAT!! and i'm running out of my creative juice.. kamil pulak nak pakai nothing much to be written here.. hmm, tgh perah otak nih, but i am distracted by the sound of this cerita melayu yang mak tengah tengok..

okla, tak berniat nak mengutuk tapi, tak boleh ker diorang belakon real sket.. i mean, cubelah menjiwai watak tu.. dah lame fikir pun pasal this thing and i did have a conversation with abah about it the other day.. actors/actresses should train themselves first before acting because otherwise they are just going to make fool of themselves in front of a lot of people and menambahkan dosa manusia lain (like me) yang akan memberi non-stop comment about how bad, and stiff/fake their acting is.. and this goes to the model of ads as well.. ingat tak (sure semorang ingat nyer) iklan hollywood fb or tummy trim..."i like the new me"......."and i did not exercise, AT ALL"....or... you name it yourself.. and yg skang is the franch oil.. hehe..dont even want to go there...
back to bad acting, i think what most malaysian actors/actresses are doing is to potray a part of themselves in the character they are playing. it's like they're trying to act and publisize themselves at the same time... example, belakon watak kodi giler, tapi nak pakai baju gempak2 sebab tanak jatuh standard and nak menunjukkan diri bagus..

to be continued.. kamil dah sound.. janji nak kasi pakai computer kul 1.15... time's up people!!! ciao!!