Sunday, December 26, 2004

issue poyo

halo blog.. LONG time no see... dah nampak habuk kat blog poyo ni

i havent updated this blog in almost 6 mnths.. haha.. rupenye byk jgk highlights of my life yg tak dpt diceritakan(like anyone care!) tapi takpe..
just signed out from friendster.. betapa poyo nye some people can be.. i mean, seriously, do you need to profess your undying love to your boo(it's the latest cool thing to call your ehem) in the internet so that the whole world can see. break up nanti baru tau nyesal. come on laa.... it's immature and nampak sangat nak tayang bf/'s your private story so why share it?? common example: interest-- my hunny/boo/sweet pea....describe who i want to meet: my smelly monkey..i love u so much.. muahxxx..... TIDAK!!! gedik sungguh!!! and then comes the testimonials... lagilah ayat2 meraban.. i have a friend who had even deleted his friendster account for this reason.. friendster cam dah hilang its purpose sbg satu 'circle' yg me-link-kan friends (current/long lost) but it has become a platform untuk sesetengah manusia membuat self promotion penuh dgn ayat2 cliche'... hahaha.... hopefully people will grow someday because it's sad to see/read these kind of nonsense..

haha. ni telah mendapat influence/inspiration from bal (i dont think u know me) untuk mengutuk secara open and yet making no personal attack.. sesaper nak terasa, sori yea.. tak bermaksud..

actually, petang tadi just watched something's gotta give(3rd time kot) yg sangat sesuai dgn jiwaku yang tgh single.. haha..btw, skrg tgh type and background abah tgh tgk matrix reloaded, the part where monica belucci suroh neo kiss dier.. agak poyo di situ.. the kissing part is really unnecessary since the story itself is about, u know, xde kaitan dgn that kind of scene, tapi hollywood, biaselah, misti nak selitkan jugak..cerita something's gotta give pun ade keanu reeves jugak, jadi doctor yg menarik.. last monday, i saw ocean's twelve with ain and zac.. brad pitt looked so sexy..haha..susahla tgk orang2 yg sgt macho bergaya ni... hatiku cepat suka... haha.. tapi betul, saper yg tak attracted to orang yg physically menarik ( 1st impression)??? cube cakap?? laki ke pompuan mesti suka tgk orang hensem/lawa.. BUT, suka does not necessarily mean love.. see, there's a different.. something that i need to learn n live with.. sblm ni asyik nak orang hensem or someone with 'bad boy' persona la konon, tapi sumernye hampasss..... but, as the saying goes... masih ade harapan (i invented it)haha

semalam borak ngan abah n mak about jodoh (i know it's a bit poyo but i'm approaching 20, so oklah)...all this while, my brain has been stuffed with so many versions of love and how it's supposed to, kalu dah jodoh tak ke mane.. cinta itu buta.. bla bla bla which reminds me of "for love or money", a reality program that shows the extreme/stupid side of human... how can you put a time frame in finding love?? plus, can you really think straight with 1 million dollar and other competitors in your mind?? plus, can you really believe what your heart is telling you in that kind of urgency?? one more thing, when you're on the 'fantasy dates', can you really see the other person's real self??

ntahlaa..... maybe i'm saying all these because........ abaikan... just for me to know, and not for you to find out... remember kate2 abah and jadilah lebih bersemangat!!! i like!!

btw, 2/3 weeks ago, i bought my own digicam (ixus40), a flash disc(256mb) and an mp3 player(256mb) during pc fair..this made me more, apetuh, technology savvy.... haha..

ku rindu adik beradikku yang sedang berterabur di 3 benua berbeza
kaklong's coming home in a month!! yeay!! miss kamil as well.. dah beli cell phone.. baguss!!! cant wait for all of us to be together again!!



Jaja&reg said...

klik expecting to see signature duta lagi rupenya dah ade kemajuan. haha..

sebulan lg i balik. amboi, sembang psl jodoh nampak :p

Jaja&reg said...

sebulan lg.