Wednesday, January 26, 2005

menang sorak pun..............jadilah labu!

halo pips....

i just got back from a netball match...unfortunately, we lost... the score?? i wont be bothered to tell, but i'll give a hint, telur kitorang tak pecah.. haha>> (0).. i think our opponent is from a different league, and they played very well and kemas..tiptop.. tak banyak bocor or miss..

anyway, kalah kalah pun, i am very proud of myself and, my team as well.. some of us i guess hed never played netball before, but it was all good.. no cat fight whatsoever.. cume bila dh kalah tu, adela suare2 "referree tak aci", "yada yada", sour grape laa.. ooh, btw, my friend said, i played smart.. hehe..the only thing that made me quite dissappointed was that, ni main kalah mati.. so we had no chance to play again..bummer

on a lighter note, we did won something... personally i think we had the best cheer and fine supporters, siap bawak hand made pom pom...thanx to orang2 yg bersengkang mata buat pom pom yea, very much appreciated.. i love my batch, we are always so bersemangat to support each other eventho it's obvious we're not gonna win.. haha.. it's what we call FUN?!

anyway, after we've lost our game, we went to see our boys play soccer.. we cheered like there's no tomorrow, and yet, kitorang KALAH lagi...haha, tapi tetap menang sorak..and the pom poms can still be used for other games to come...volley ball, n takraw..cross my fingers you guys would win, but then again, it's always fun to cheer........i like!

this, reminds me of my first semester experience.. i enter the marching competition also known as PERKAD.. only a few of us from my batch took part,and yet almost everybody turun padang untuk memberi sokongan, plus our handmade pompom..everytime we did something SMART n SEGAK, like "ke kanan lurus", dengan gempaknye, our friends would cheer, LOUDLY.. sajela, psycho platun lain... and this time around, we did win people.. second place i guess.. there's also award for best uniform, but, haha, no chance in hell we were gonna get it memandangkan baju hijau kitorang sebijik macam katak puru, serious.... i'll upload the pics later

speaking of perkad, i remember, it was so hot wearing that uniform, we had to put on something else, i mean, another layer of cotton clothing inside.. me and ain went to giant and bought t-shirt PAGODA, ala t-shirt sememeh kaler putih tu, yg pakcik-pakcik suka pakai kat kedai kopi tepi jalan..hehe.. tp, best, buat fashion statement aar... just yesterday, i wore that t-shirt at home after so long.. so, tema untuk t-shirt PAGODA is, "pengudaraan itu penting tuan-tuan dan puan-puan"

haha... i think that's all for now..
see u when i see you......

oo, forget to tell you, yesterday we had a practice, and while playing, datangla this boy to watch us...when i say boy, it doesnt mean an ordinary boy, but the one i 'used' to like BIG TIME.. saya memang agak hopeless if he's around.. haha.. tangkap bola mesti somehow terslipped dari genggaman, or baling bola mesti tak kne sasaran... haha... hopefully, he wont read this.. i know he's not into internet or mende-mende camni....but if you do read it boy, yes, i did like you... haha.. public confession... i know i'll regret later, but who cares? i dont.....



Anonymous said...

bosan2,saje jerk bace
haha,minat dlm diam
nway,betul la 2
x kan gurl nak stat dulu
but who cares..
like u said
you won't regret it..

Anonymous said...


i believe in true love... hahaha