Sunday, September 25, 2005

AFTAS family day


it has been a very pleasant week/weekend.. 'abc kat imthiyaz' hehe.

at the same time, minggu ni sangat ribut. maleh nk cerita.

smalam ade AFTAS family day kat komplex sukan. okayla. what did i get yesterday? apart fr sunburn n sakit2 badan, dpt main netball dgn agak puas even tho kalah, n break our record ppl. yes, congratulations fellow tkp-ians. haha. finally TKP dah upgrade jadi TSP.
the history of the name TKP shall remain in the past lah kan because we have proved to the world that we are more than just pretty faces. we can actually play. muahaha. sarcasm alert!! btw, it's not Timbalan Ketua Pengawas. Saya tak gila kuasa!!

mm, this one is upon request.. HAPPY BELATED BDAY kak lina.. 20th sept right?!
haha... thnx for visiting ninaninort. why havent u updated for so long?

semorang tau kan cam mane kempunannya saya nak fly? kan?

i still keep this dream to travel. destination of choice is UK. so now, i'm trying to save all my scholarship money(zarina, be strong, esp time megasale yg byk setan2-haha). the next plan of action is to find a travel mate(s). so my dear friends, who are interested, start saving now so that we can go during summer 2007. check out this website.. it's value for money package trip around the UK. backpacking la. think about it kay?!

*wahai manusia, jangan ikut sangat hati dan perasaan. gunakan akal fikiran yang Allah kasi, jgn letak kat kepala lutut* jgn cepat terikut2, tu suma pengaruh buruk hollywood, and MTV (and yeah, reality tv) * serious * are u sure THAT's what u really want?! out of life?! takyah la nak bagi alasan macam-macam kan?!.. pikir2 kan la yea?! korang suma dah besar panjang... panjang?! kacang panjang?!


owh, cerita hot.. this week, i've been to at least three government offices, for PSA project paper. ade la bende tak syok sket, which i've luahkan in 'acknowledment' part, bak kate ju n wani. backlogs, unhelpful n kerek makcik bla bla bla. the main point is, one of the officers from one of the offices which i went to, whom shall be called Encik S from now on, invited me to lunch the next day. it was weirder than weird. i could feel unsur2 gatal. u should see the way he talked to his secretary. it's either he is a natural gatal person or he as a very funny way of being friendly. ntahla.

if u're wondering, no, i did not go lunch with Encik S. what were u thinking?!

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