Wednesday, November 30, 2005

la la la


basirah oh basirah..
i'm so touched..

oo, sesapa yg rasa nak baca psl saya, fr my friend's view/opinion, silalah pergi ke blog basirah.

according to my statistic, byk jgk org visit ninaninort from link kat basirah's blog. so in a way, my blog jadi feymes sekejap because of u.. hehe


kalu orang yang korang tak kenal, add korang kat friendster, nak accept ke reject?

if i were to accept, mm, mcm apehal cepat je accept ni, org ni bukannye kenal pun. ntah2 pervert mane ntah....

but if i were to reject, mm, mcm apehal ko reject2 org yg nak berkenalan? ko bagus sangat ke? ntah2 dier serious nak kawan je..

this is crazy.

thus, i do nothing. i do not accept, just for the sake of accepting, nor do i reject the friend requests, hoping dat ppl will get tired of the "add requesting pending" and forget about it. i mean me. so ade la smpai skrg, friend requests yg tak di accept or direject sejak berkurun, ntah dah berapa bulan ntah.

kaklong cakap, friendsterwise "nina ni pilih kawan"
(no wonder my friends tak sampai 400org lebih ;p)

haha.. i guess i'm just not very friendly to ppl i dont know or havent met.

as i'm typing this, i received an sms. here it reads "Alo syg.bole bkenalan??"

i do not omit or add anything. that's exactly what d sms says. i dono la who's d sender, but if it's a prank fr someone i know, plz la... boh layan. pstu miscall pulak.. who is your sayang?!

so now, only my second degree friends can view my full profile in friendster.


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