Thursday, December 08, 2005

7th dec


so the day has come when 1ringgit coin can no longer be used. i dont always realize things until they r too late. there i was, 'berjalan-jalanning' at komplex PKNS when i noticed a poster reminding shoppers to 'get rid' of any rm1 coins in their disposal. if u have 2 keping, u can get corn-in-a-cup (yay!), or better still, if u have 10 keping, u can actually buy a tudung. ala, tudung yg tgh in fashion skrg, u know, the one u can just sarung tak payah nk serkup2 tu. ahha. bonda bought 3 of it today. and 1 yesterday. yes, she's in love with d tudung. i cant say for sure though, whether or not d tudung has been given a name.

and why does tudung need a name these days u may wonder? so dat ppl wont get confused of course. u dont wanna mix tudung wardina(lilit-lilit) with tudung waheeda (serkup keras dipakai berlapis-lapis) n tudung norjuma(floral pattern on white background). and more importantly, tudung mawi is dintinct from the rest (i dont even know how the hell it looks like, but it better be good). omg, wats with this obsession?

makcik: adik, bagi akak satu tudung mawi warna hijau...

akak kedai: kejap yea..... (cari sampai jumpa).... ni dia kak!

makcik: eh, akak bukan nak yang macam ni. akak nak yang macam ........(starts explaining)

akak kedai: ooooo, itu tudung wardina kak.. kitorang dah tak jual lagi tudung tu..... bla bla bla

haha. it's only an imaginary, hypothetical situation. naver happened to me, and never will. i'm a girl who knows her tudung. ye la sgt kan

this is getting stupid.

on a different, but related note, just now, when i was curtain shopping, guess what i was introduced to? guess la dulu, baru i bagi tau jawapan...


mmm.. LANGSIR MAWI!!! !wth!

seriously, uncommenablelismmisticable <-its not a word but me n wani like to say it.


i take my time. i do things at my own pace. i have to prove nothing to no one. so nina, chin up n do ur thing!!

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ChikaDior said...

kelakar kan since mcm2 nama tudung da ada. Tp confuse jugak camner nama Mawi boleh relate ngan nama tudung. ahah.. cool actually.

mmm.. kazen sy nama nina. Kitorang panggil dia nina ninot jugak. ahaha...

opps... i better say hye to you, nina! :)