Tuesday, January 31, 2006



first off, i wanna wish GONG XI FA CAI dan selamat menyambut MAAL HIJRAH (1427). sudahkah anda membaca doa akhir & awal tahun? to all my friends who r taking BMD 451, lets turn to page 85 of Huayu (2) and sing the Gongxi Gongxi song together.. hehe

when we sang the whole song to Dr Wee during MAF 490 before the break, and had one of our mandarin fluent friends translate the meaning, our lecturer went "ooh, i wouldnt notice if she had made any mistake".. hehe. yes, it's not weird at all that malaysian chinese cant speak/understand mandarin/cantonese. kire saya lagi hebat sikit la kan? wo zhidao huayu. dianr. hehe. ke ai, ke ai. :)


it's the wedding season. this time of the year. ive been to 2 weddings last weekend. and my mum keeps getting wedding invitation fr 'org2'. yes, org2 yang anak2 mereka nak kahwin. when my friends and i were talking about our dream wedding or whatever (yes, girls do that sometimes, hehe), we always thought that we just want to have a small garden wedding bla bla bla surrounded by close families n friends. not some scorching hot afternoon weddings where the bride n groom are caked with make up, baked all over in their 'songket' paraphernalia n shaking hands with people they only meet a few times in their life. but then again, "wedding is not about the bride n groom". it's about the parents. it always is. malaysian wedding la kan. semua sedara mara kene jemput, tanak la ade pulak yang kecik hati. haih. takpe2, maybe bile korang ade anak korang pun camtu kot.

wedding = pressure (to some)

this was from a bride, who was complaining to her friend, and somehow slipped to me.. "alaa, aku baru kene period hari ni!".. haha. bawak bersabar kak


on friday, i watched buli balik with kaklong. both agreed that buli was better. the sequel is a lil bit of a hodgepodge. i think laa. but, undeniably, there were moments when i did laugh like a mad girl in the cinema. not the normal 'ha ha ha' but more of the squeaky 'ekekekekek!'.non stop. besides, the girl in front of us had this very infectious laugh that there were times when i laughed not because of the movie, but because of her.

buli balik is my fifth movie for 2006, and the total number of times i've gone to the cinema in 2005 is 37, and to date 150. that's how i spend my money. there's nothing wrong, rite?


owh, ive been chain reading lately, one book after another. 5 books in about a month. how about that? "the god of small things" by arundathi roy. a book that deals with whom to love, how and how much. "jane eyre" by charlotte bronte (simplified version). this one is a classic. i read it after watching pride n prejudice. sudden urge to go all classical bla bla bla. this book made me cry. "norweigian wood" by haruki murakami. borrowed fr aqie. explicit in a way. hehe. "man and boy" & "the family way" by tony parsons. both parsons' books are great. somehow, after reading two of his works, i can detect some similarities. maybe it's just his style of writing. ntah.

as y'all can see, i only read fiction. for the time being that is. is it good? you know real life is not like book. but it gives you hope. so that's good, no?


my fren camp is back fr indon for 2weeks and i went to see her on friday. shes one of my closest friends in samura. we shared a room(BGP) masa form 5. mula2, ntah, i seriously didnt like her and i'm positive she hated my guts as well (reasons are not to be disclosed because ia akan mengaibkan pihak2 tertentu, hehe).but eventually we managed to put our differences aside and become good friends. she is my tomato. because she is so bulat. hehe. and i am her adik manja because i'm so cute. haha (sila muntah, this is my blog)

bykla bende cerita2 , friends, studies, the future, n some girlie stuff. and we remembered the time we were being pursued in school. yes u bet we were. tapi camp mmg ternyata lebih la hot stuff kan? hadiah brooch electric blue, mencari jam di lautan, dedications, april fool, cikgu2 merangkap matchmaker. adeh. n skrg suma dah buat hal sendiri.

......11 sept 2002, around 0000am..... "zarina, zarina!" dari luar BGP. ade org tunggu kat luar ngan bday present. hehe. kalu camp tak ingatkan, serious dah lupa. tapi ntah la kenapa aku anti sgt bdk tu dulu. maybe pasal suma orang kecoh2 menyebok . i was cruel then. huarghaha (gelak evil). tapi takpe, everything fall into place eventually. had i ehem ehem with ehem ehem, ehem ehem wouldnt have met ehem ehem and ehem ehem. see, everything is nice and dandy.


everyone deserves a chance kan? so i will be fair and help how n where i can. in the end, the heart still wants what it wants.


i've been told by my sis' friend that i am AMUSING. haha. that was from someone who said i was sarcastic, on our first meeting.

"tak kenal maka tak chenta". tula, sape suruh misjudge saya?!

i believe, mild/tolerable sarcasm is funny. kan? like chandler bing. but not as bad as becker. ha



manusia: akum dh tdo
me: wslam belum tdo sape ni
manusia: ai takkan tak kenal
me: tak. popular sangat ke
manusia: takla sepopular awak. sebenarnya saya nak berkenalan asl plz
me: kalau nak berkenalan, introduce urself
manusia: saya tak paham inglish. sorila. cakap bahasa melayu
me: :) siape name? mane dapat nombo?
manusia: 23 m kl. awak lak
me: 28 m ulu tembeling
manusia: biar betul cakap betul2
me: btul2. okla nak tdo. bye
manusia: Xpelah kalau org x nak kwn ngan kt kan zarina bye

talk about technologies these days... sigh!

owh yes! bday shoutout peeps.. to basirah HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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