Friday, February 17, 2006



i shouldnt be doing this to myself, but i am. studying im not. BAH!!! BLEARGH!!

im in a state of total boredom with a capital B. and tomorrow i'll be sitting my TAX paper, in the morning, and FAR the next day. more importantly, tonite ladies n gents, is my dinner with mawi.*whoot whoot*

so there'll be not much time left for me to flip through my notes at nite considering the pre and post events of the dinner itselft. at the risk of sounding shallow and gedik tahap dewa, we (my sister n i) are going to spend quite some time discussing what to wear or how come we dont have anything to wear(in fact i'm agonizing over it right now), and on the later part of the night, how adorable mawi is, or how many pictures we managed to take or how come that mak cik knows every single word of mawi's aduh saleha... u get the drift. ha! anyway, cant put too high expectation on it. i've just been told, the rabbani will also perform tonite. yeay!!

anyways, my point is now, i'm not studying when i should. i guess the regret will come creeping on me the minute i read the question paper tomorrow. just like what happened during maf yesterday. but, in retrospect, i dont think any amount of extra study time would help me answered the paper better. thank god i didnt spend too much time on maf or i would've been more frustrated. way too much theory questions and only like 20% of the paper is calculation. moreover, i just think that the paper contain some jargons. not la the very unfathomable kind, but SO not like questions we've tried in class. or izit because i wasnt thinking straight yesterday. upon reading the paper for the first time to grasp the content i went what the hell? what the hell? what the hell? aaaaaaaa

im not so worried about tax tho. at least not as much as i worry about far.because, as ive promised to myself to work harder this semester (in which i do keep my promise insofar as i did 98%of the homeworks ive been assigned to do-for tax that is) most of the things i learnt are still fresh in my mind. but still, cannot be over-confident. that is the rule of thumb!

far will be on saturday at 4pm and that means im gonna miss my piano class, again. mrs yap insinuated on how frequently i have to sit for tests. tell me about it.

no.....................................i am not complaining. im just saying it. in this case, typing it.

consciously committing vs sheer obligating?

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