Monday, February 13, 2006

happy birthday kaklong!!




24 is still young! age is just a number, walaupun kaklong dah meningkat usia (chewah) orang tetap akan anggap kaklong adik n nina kakak sebab (owh god, i cant believe i'm saying this) KAKLONG LEBIH COMEL. ahha. fine, so im taller n heavier, but u're still the cute one. whatever.

mm, i've been thinking, nak buat a very panjang birthday wish which include ucapan like thnx for being a good sister bla bla bla. tapi cam mengantuk plk. u know la u're a good sister kan so there's no need for fancy words. cuma jgn buli adik lagi. hehe. and, yeah, u can talk to me about 'hal-hal'. i'm a big girl u know, nk masuk 21 dah pun. owh, lagi satu, terima kasih di atas segala baju/jeans/kasut/bag/tudung anda yg saya dah terpinjam(meminjam dengan sengaja) dan terambil(mengambil dengan sengaja or diberi oleh anda). that's what a same size-fashionista sista is for. seriously.


so last friday, we missed that show at the actor's studio. its called CHEET CHAT. thanx to the traffic jam and some "pemandu bijak" yg seriously tak reti nak duduk lane kiri walaupun sudah tahu dirinya membawa kereta dengan amat slow dan still nak stay lane kanan walaupun telah di-flash bertalu2 hingga menyebabkan pemandu di belakang menjadi geram n tension. i mean, whats ur problem dude? tak kesah la kalu nak drive slow ke hape, saya pun camtu jgk kengkadang, tapi....... ish, grr.

ape-ape hal pun, on 3rd feb, i went to see harith iskander's show, and it was awesome. he sure knows how to entertain ppl. thumbs up for harith. nnti kalu ade show dier lagi, i recommend u guys to watch it. but that's another story.


mmm, this week will be my common test week. giler hape kan? rasa cam baru lepas satu test, nak test lagi. kira dah setengah sem berlalu. aaaaaaaaa

so lets recap.. suma subject

FAR 450- its like being in a japanese bullet train, the class. i dont really have time to actually understand and digest what i'm learning. suma nak kene cepat. kalau tak, tak habis cover syllabus. dah la class every monday n tuesday, and it just so happens that this year, byk cuti jatuh hari isnin/selasa. adeh, COMPLEX STRUCTURE?!?! help me

MAF 490 - class is okay. lecturer is ok. study is ok. maybe thats the problem. suma ok je, takde yg cam xtra ZAAZ! ntahla. byk plk complain.

ECO 555- i cant believe that i actually like it. maybe its because of the lecturer. yes, she sure makes an impact la psl selama ni tak pernah suka eco masa blaja microeconomics n macroeconomics dulu. ade borak ngan alif haritu and he has thought about taking a masters in economics. mm. tak penah pikir psl eco. so anyways, keep ur options open.

LAW 485- owh man. if FAR= bullet train, being in this class is like u're waiting to sleep after an extra dosage of sleeping pills. giler mengantuk. how can they make u have law classes (lecture + tutorial) in the evening. hello? have mercy on the students, and the lecturer. kami mengantuk, tak boleh handle. i have nothing against the subject, just that the timing is bad. and my 58.3 minute concentration span really doesnt help either.

MGT 536 - every time i'm going to MGT, my heart goes dub dab dub dab. hehe. maybe sebab incedent kene duk depan aritu. anyways, this is one reading subject. shouldnt be much of a problem. insyaAllah. baca. faham. baca dan faham.

TAX 480- as i've once said to a friend "kalau selama ni kita kene suap je, kali ni bukan kene makan sendiri tapi kene keluar cari makan n mengais2 sendiri". we have to find practically everything on our own, and im not saying its all bad. it really isnt. her method of teaching makes our brain work twice harder. maybe selama ni kitorang manja sgt i dont know. since this is the ADVANCED TAXATION, our lecturer expects us to remember what we've covered in taxation masa dip level. well....

BMD 451- have u ever seen the sitcom 'mind your language'? hehe. mandarin class is so much fun, thats all i can say.

so now, the weekend's over and i really need to study. all the best nina. and to every one!!

owh, one more thing, i know its a bit early, but i still wanna wish "happy valentine's day" anyway.

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