Saturday, April 08, 2006

bad bad baaaaad day

FRIDAY (13th).. 7th

when i woke up this morning, it was raining. so i figured its not going to be one of those day where you'd say "weehee, the sun is shining super brightly, and its gonna be a goooood day!". and my instinct couldnt be more righty rite.

so, i call today, hari pecah berkecai. terburai.

the first pecah berkecai moment took place in the jamban. ha! i didnt take off my spanking new white jade bangle while mandi-ing cause i thought Miss Jade, that tough little rounded stone can stand water, lather, heat, pressure bla bla bla. its supposed to be highly durable, but no.......... as i was moving and shaking to the rhythm of my bathroom-worthy voice and bermain dgn buih2 sabun, "kechepaaaang". Pieces of Miss Jade was scattered all over the bathroom floor. ia bukan patah dua, tiga atau empat, tapi pecah berkecai. and i was like "tak guna pnye laoban, jual jade tipu.. ahaha. taula ni bukan high quality jade which costs like 500++, but at least, cant i at least be the proud owner for more than a week?" ciss

later, my lady speed stick berkecai dan bertaburan di parquet bilikku. double ciss.

the rest of my unlucky incidents do not involve anything else being pecah berkecai but they are horrible nevertheless.

i went to TAX480 without bringing my manual, test pad, and text book. tell me what the hell am i supposed to do in class without the essentials. tell me. tell me. of course lah saya pinjam ngan orang sebelah, depan dan belakang. what do u expect, duduk dlm kelas dan goyang kaki saje? (okay murid2, semalam kita sudah goyang tangan, hari ini mari goyang kaki). these are what's inside my bag this morning:

a) pencil case
b) wallet
c) cellphone
d) car keys
e) diary/organizer (yes, usually i AM organized)
f) old notes
g) a few packets of silica gel (yes, my bag is rather new)
h) mandarin notes
i) and thats it

u see, in the evening, i have my huayu de oral test. and i can add that to my list of mishaps for the day.

let me explain what exactly happened just now since i love explaining so much. the oral test is divided into 3 sections. first, u're given a picture and u're to come out with 5 questions, as long as they're related to the situation in the picture. u can use any of these wenti: ji, duoshao qian, zuo shenme, ma, shenme, shenme shihou,shui etc. so this part, i think (think), i did ok.
next, there are four pictures laid down on the table, and now is the examiner's time to ask. at first she told me to look at the 3rd pic so i did. the first question was easy peasy. after that, i had the mental block. $%^&*. i couldnt find the answer to the rest of the questions because i was only looking at the 3rd picture and 3rd picture only. kepala otakku tak terpikir nak tgk gamba-gamba lain. so, i was creating my own answers which were definitely wrong (no wonder the examiner looked at me sympathetically thinking 'oh this poor stupid girl'). anyways, whats done is done. no turning back. (chewah!). the last part was the open questions, and i think i did worse than average. $%^&*#$% (i wish i could swear in mandarin now)

i was really hoping that my oral test will turn out "tai hao le!" but apparently not. so itulah dia. continuous assessment- 60%, finals-40%. dahle listening macam $%^&* (fill in the blanks with any cuss word of ur choice, preferably in mandarin sempena tema pada petang ini). so entahla, tgk la nnti camne the result. janganla fail the paper. mmm. next sem, mandarin level 3, and i have to proceed with it. i cant say i dont want to study huayu anymore yinwei wo meiyou qian. ha ha ha. (gelakkan orang lagi, astaghfirullah)

its only 6pm now. i still have 6 hrs before the day ends. please please please let me be 'luckier'.

owh, on a mandarin related note, zuotian wanshang i read an article and came across a mandarin proverb "nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai", which if directly translated means, "lelaki tak jahat/rosak, perempuan tak suka/chenta". muahahahahaa. or in simple english, girls like bad boys. muehehe. mm, i used to be one of those girls kot. i was always rooting for the most tattooed/pierced/problematic dude with the weirdest hairdo in any band (or boyband). aj mclean? chris kirkpatrick? but u know, i as grow older n more mature (chewah again) my preference changes. the other day i even thought rowan atkitson was cute. tell me about it.

you are the sweetest thing i found since whenever
you're the only way my time is measured
you might be the silent type
but your appetite is louder now
its crazy how u're killing me

encik mraz

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