Tuesday, April 04, 2006

semangat yang datang


semangat berkobar-kobar macam ni lah yang saya nak!!

all in the name of self betterment, so, go go chayo nina!.. nina nina nina!!

on a totally-contrasting-depressed-inclined note, i think i not only suffer fr pms, but mmb as well. and mild ocd. not right now, but in general-lah. omg, its so hard being me. haha. yes, kaklong says im a drama queen. hello? kat rumah ade byk cermin kan....?

"its just another manic monday,
wish you were sunday
that's my fun day
i-dont-have-to-run day...."

i read years ago, research indicates that, suicide rates are higher on monday...

there are things that i dont mind splurging on:
1- books (text book included)
3-cds (just recently)

last week kaklong n i bought 8 new books fr mph, sempena its centennial celebration. we got 30% off for the 100must read titles cause we're members. the sale will continue till the 6th of april, and im planning to buy more books. korang pun pegi la beli buku, best tau membaca!! keep the receipts y'all, books are tax-deductable. magazines too.

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