Monday, June 12, 2006


congratulations to Suryati Dzulyadin & Haji Ahmad Fairuz Haji Azlan

i cannot put into words the feeling i had at this wedding. as far as the eyes can see and ears can hear, there is nothing new. a well decorated 'pelamin' and the usual beats of kompang that make up a typical wedding. the intial feeling of satisfaction for having succesfully arrived at the venue without being lost (with a trusted map as guide, and a full tank for just-in-case-we-get-lost situation), is surreptitiously being taken over by the reality of the occasion. today, my friend is getting married.

is it our time, already?

stories are exchanged amongst those who came. she's engaged, soon to be married. and another one has already been 'dirisik'... cepatnya semua orang ni...

this may sound shallow, but there is one big thing that occupies the curious minds of the singletons. as we already know that they "sudah nikah" a day earlier, a friend of mine cant help herself to ask "so macam mana? best tak?".

the bride only replied "alhamdulillah", with a meaningful smile. and we understand the unspoken language of a content woman when we see one.

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