Friday, August 04, 2006


july is left without much updates. and that could only mean, so many things have happened, it's hard to keep track.

my days have been hectic since classes started. it's not easy to find free time these days. eh, am i really THAT busy? no bloody way, it's been only four weeks down the semester, takkan la bizi sgt kan? nevertheless, a stroll in the park with a good company on the not so busy days brings me joy.

i basically like all the courses im taking this semester. the contents are interesting i suppose, notwithstanding the monotonous lecturer. and i've only skipped one class so far. just one. amazing badak.

anyways, the last two nights were spent with my groupmates, discussing our assignment, ie to propose a scheme of arrangement for capital reduction and reconstruction of a loss-making company. with minor mistakes here and there, our group still clean up pretty good with an excellent presentation.

on a not so academic note, i think i am undergoing a certain phase in my life. i cant really describe it, but i can say i am happy with the state i'm in now. whether its related to my turning 21 this year, i cant tell. but at the same time, ironically, i feel confused, as to the choices to be made.


ape2lah, take one step at a time. baby steps.

on to a family related note, kamil's gonna fly back to wales in less than a week. rasanya macam tak cukup masa nak bermanja-manja dengan abang sendiri. though he' was in malaysia for the past month, he's out most of the time. yelah, ade commitment. owh, im gonna miss rubbing his shaved head, stubble chin and flabby tummy. most of all, im gonna miss calling him mimzi lohan.

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