Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Gongxi gongxi, xinnian kuaile!

I know it's late, but a wish is a wish anyway. Lagipun the chinese celebrate for 15 days. Did ya know that? I just knew it like last week. From my collegue and client. After years of mandarin orange eating. Hah. Owh, and the 15th day of Lunar year is like the chinese valentine's day. And number 1 means number 1, 2 means easy/ smooth, 3 means hidup, 4 means mati, 5 and 7 have no meaning, 6 like 2 means easy/smooth, 8 means kaya/prosperity and, 9 means forever. I learnt that last week too. Ketinggalan zaman it is..

So, for me, four days break is NOT ENOUGH. I want to lepak at home some more. And eat. And sleep. And watch reruns of everything. And sleep. And dance. And sleep. And eat. And rest. Yes, and properly brush my teeth.

This practical thingy, is taking its toll on me. I can feel it. I can see it. My family can too.

Can I just NOT go to work and tell my boss I accidentally thought I it is still HARI CUTI? Can I? CAN I?

I am so gonna drag my hump to office tomorrow...Menci!!! NAK PONTENG KERJE!

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