Friday, April 27, 2007

Take that!

Starting the journey as usual, with a few wrong turns and missed junctions, I eventually reached the warehouse 15 late thanks to my instinct (which was ironically right when I was wrong).

I was so pumped up for the once a year 90% off warehouse sale, except that there was no sale. I was there on a mission. My first ever stock take. Nothing glamorous like 'counting diamonds' or 'casting votes during AIM', which some lucky two legged creatures from my office got to do. I only get to count aircond spare parts. And some humongous finished goods we had to search all over the production floor. Not an easy task that one.

I'm telling you ladies, even on your not so good looking day ie oily face (thanks to our country's humidity and your perambulating all over the warehouse), once you enter a testosterone loaded confined box such as a wH, you'll be an instant Angelina Jolie, or miss Johanson. People started to notice you, turn their head around, and what's even greater, they greet you, as in 'Semekom kak, ish tak jawab dosa, he he'.

Owh, what a predicament, jawab poyo, tak jawab dosa. NOT!

Wth la kan bang..

All is well in the end. Even though I was a bit tired, but it was hmm, educational?! And I was fortunate enough to be assisted by sorang service engineer yang chomzylohanrism and guided by helpful senior. It's a bit dangerous though, stock taking, I must say. Especially when the warehouse is at somewhere deserted and flooded with foreign workers. It's a free gift they forgot to mention in auditor's job description.

Asyik buat entry pasal kerje ke kan? Sheeesh.

Bila practical nak habis? Bila class nak start balik? Bila nak dapat homework (ko biar betul?!?!hehe). Bila nak sampai bulan Jun? Bila nak 8 June? he he he he he

....tak sabar rasanya daku......


Diana said...


aQieYa said...

tak sabar cugakkkk!!!
wat happen la? mana pegi sume benda kat tepi2 tuh?

nina said...

haha. aqie, saje je tukar layout. konon nampak 'dewasa' sket. hehe. shoutbox tu tak masukkan lagi dlm template. later2. leave comments ait.

nana. next year kene pegi visit anuar anuar. jikalau saya ada $$$, saya yang NAK IKUT DAMMIT.