Saturday, May 05, 2007

two of my favorite guys in one place, on one night

I've been in love with his music, voice, songwriting, guitar picking & strumming, doo-doo-dlay-ing, journal writing, word playing for quite some time. Since You and I both in 2003, this curbside prophet got me hooked. I have both of his studio albums (original, no question about that) and downloaded the rest of his creations ie since his Java Joe's times. I can't get enough of him basically.


I try to include Jason in my summer vacation, whenever I can, wherever I can. Not stalker type but more diehard-fan-it's-now-or-never type. Heehee. I know he's awesome playing/singing live, I just have to have the experience. You know, it's one of the items in my must do before die list, watching him doing his thing on stage.

So I checked out his myspace page often during these few days. I got pretty excited when I found out he will be where I'll be in June. My mum said I was "macam orang gila sikit" because I was shrieking ecstatically in front of the laptop. Teeheehee. Apparently Jason is in the lineup for Hyde Park Calling on 23rd June. Seriously, I thougt of buying a ticket. Come on la, I'm like Mr A-Z BIGGEST fan kan?

But I had my reservations. Me being me, there are 1000 things I'd think about before making the purchase. It being freaking 50pounds is one thing, sharing the stage with other singers is another. Why would I want to watch some brit acts and old dudes that strike no interest whatsoever in me? No offense, I'm sure they make good music and stuff, but I want Jason and Jason only. Besides, that Hyde Park Calling thing is one major event, and I know Jason would rather perform in a small intimate showcase for his fans. I mean, I would rather watch him in such shows where he can drop his witty one liner in between songs and the crowd is not too big to distract him.

So, I did not buy the tickets.

I was dissapointed but did not lose hope. My patience and perseverence became fruitful as the next time I checked his myspace, a new show was added in his upcoming events. A nice small show in Brighton. I think it's small because it's murah.

I bought two tickets already. For you and me baby. On the 24th. This is the surprise I've been talking about. Suka ke tak, I dont know (I hope u're ok with it) because I'm definitely going! Sorryla if it'll delay our trip for one day, but when else can I see Jason?! Entah bila nak singgah Malaysia.

Finally, for one night, I can say, "Jason, I'm yours".

ps: Fadhli, you have about 2months to learn his wonderful songs. (Those highlighted in colour are his song titles, kalau membantu, hehe). I tak paksa, tapi kalau you tak tau, you tak leh nak sing along. hehe. I'm gonna sing my heart out la kan.

pps: Ain Aqie and sis jomla join if u guys are still there by then. Mari mari, murah saja.

pps: Fadhli and Jason, please dont fight. I can only concentrate on one at a time.:)


Jalilah said...

Why didn't you tell me you bought the tickets during lunch the other day????
Ke you blom beli the ticket that Friday??? OMG!!! It's gonna be sooo much fun!!! Kite sangat jealous!

P/S: Since when are you and Jason Mraz on a first name basis??? Kikiki

nina said...


that time, ive already bought the tickets. tapi takkan cam nak tetiba tengah citer pasal 'best friend' nak cakap "owh, btw, i'll be seeing Jason". hehe.

we have a special bond, jason and I. i call him jason, and he calls me nina baby. muahahahaha. (yes yes, saya bermimpi)

Diana said...

ugh. you torture me.

aQieYa said...

definitely i wont stand in ur way
patu nama adikkita aisya

nina said...


nina said...

AIN, LET'S gone!!! teeheehee

pastu korang kene jadi back up, kot2 kite pengsan pasal happy sangat la la

Jalilah said...

Nina, care to post 1 update before leaving for Europe for A MONTH??!!! Cet, you didn't tell me you are going to be there for a month!!! Oh, I am sooo green with envy but also sooo excited for you. Update la nina. If not, you'll only update a month from now after your trip. Hihi... (mesti awak rasa 'most wanted' sangat sekarang kan) Haha... jangan perasan lebih2. kikiki