Monday, October 01, 2007

wake me up when september ends

"Pipi, I dah habis kelas, sekarang dah dalam kereta, on the way nak balik. Nak jumpa tak petang ni?"
"Ok, you siap-siap. Lagi 10 minit I sampai rumah you."

I have to wait until next time he comes back before I can say this thing again. But then, unfortunately, there wont be anymore "I dah habis class" because I memang dah HABIS CLASS pun. Yippee.... Tapi keje pulak.....Maynnn!

Speaking of class, (cheh, ni dah macam cara pipi cakap pulak, "cakap pasal xxxxxx, i rasa ......"), I am having the busiest of weeks this week. With three presentations, one quiz, three tests and case study submission deadline, I'll be lucky if I'm not dead at the end of the line. Ok. Whatever. Enron presentation just now was okay, but I'm not so prepared for earnings management presentation tomorrow.

Now, lets talk about relationship. My relationship. Haha. First of all, I am ever so segan to meet his parents. I don't know why, but I think I'm just afraid that they do not approve me. Sometimes I feel I'm too gedik, pipi's parents will definitely want us to break up. Hehe. No comforting words or amount of reassuring from Pipi will give me the courage to 'meet the parents'. Once, I even made another round when I saw his parents were in the compound lest being seen waiting in the car. How pathetic is that. Or how childish. He, on the other hand has met my parents countless time. Oklah, a few times. For me, kalau dah melibatkan parents, tak boleh la saya nak berpoya-poya sangat. Heee. Kene serious betul.

About a day before Pipi went back, he said a few things that made me cry. (T_T) Uhuuuhuuuu.

"Nanti I dah balik, takde orang nak kacau-kacau you, takde orang nak suruh you amek, takde orang nak tenet kat rumah you, takde orang nak bla bla bla......... Free la you nanti. Bole rest. Bole buat kerje......"

Well, you know what they say. The things that annoy you, are the ones that you're gonna miss when they're gone. Hmmm.

Pipi ni.......buat orang terharu je!!!


Diana said...

alaaaa sian zar kuu.. masa awak kasi kita sms masa awak kat heathrow kan, cam awak eja nama dia 3 kali semua lain2 dlm that one msg. like fadhli, fadly and fali. kita cam "huh?". nampak macam 3 orang "yang berbeza". but nowww there is another one. you know what i say.. "oh the evolution!" :o)

you'll cry a lot, you'll miss the creature a lot. it sucks but you can pull this off! hee! oh well. hey the parents thing IS scary, you're not crazy. tapi srsly kita tekejut gila awak update. ABOUT TIME, WOMAN!! about time. and i miss you, tauuu.

nina said...

Pipi tu is "Baby" version orang malas nak bukak mulut.. heee. I figured nak sebut huruf P lagi senang dari B..

Owh Nana... I havent cried.... YET.. yes2, i hope i can handle it too. kamu juga tau dengan anuar anuar..

Saya juga merindui kamu!!

fadhli said...

bukan bukak mulut je malas.. nk type msg pun mls jgk.. mula2 fadhli, pastu fadly, last2 jadik fali.. jadi la 3 org.. hehehe (nah komen dari i yg u nak sgt tu..) =D