Thursday, November 22, 2007

Messed up plan?

I already kinda have a rough five year plan for my future. Very rough, as the occurrance of one thing is highly dependent on other, and at one time there are a few alternatives while other time, factors beyond my control also exist.

Does that sound like a plan, or what?

So, anyway, one of it is to start working early next year, say in February, in one of the big4 audit firms. At the same time, I will take ACCA. The problems, as I see now are:

1. I have yet to send my resume to any firm. It's only 90% complete. I don't want my resume to be cincai so I take my time doing it. If you don't buy that, here's another reason why my resume is still a work in progress; I'm so chicken scared to call my ex-manager to inform him that I want to put his name as my referee. What am I supposed to say? "Hello, I'm Zarina, an ex VT in EY. Remember me? Oh, btw, can you be my referee, I'm job hunting..".. I am so not good at making small talk. Or formal talk. Dem.

2. I fear the interview. (Okay, this is funny and perasan at the same time because of my sheer optimism of having the opportunity to be interviewed. Entah-entah, awal lagi dah kene reject. Tak boleh blah.)

3. Stiff competition. Need I say more?

4. Juggling studies and work. It sure can be done, but sacrifices have to be made. Social life, SLEEP etc. I remembered my senior adviced my to finish off professional papers before working, but at the same time, Simon Kua (one of the partners in EY) told me to do it on a part-time basis. "Muda lagi, jangan malas" he said, lebih kurang macam tu. I think the workload will still be manageable, depends on the time I take the exam. HOWEVER, today I got the scare when I found a note in my room (yerp, spring cleaning still in progress). It was from a talk I attended last year. What I managed to jot down from two different speakers were:

working + studying = hell

In addition to that, both speakers Ms Harveen Kaur (FCCA) and Pn Zaiton Mohd Hassan (FCCA) adviced us to study full time.

Now, if that is the way to go, I am back to square one. Double dem.


Diana said...

shouldn't hv cleaned your room in the first place, woman. supportive tak i nina? hahah.

Zan said...

Jumped over from the other nina's blog.

I agree that muda jangan malas. Later on, you'll look back fondly at the work that you've put in. the sweat and tears of hard work make sweet memories :P

Oh ya, I also went to science muar and was ex-headboy :) a few years your senior though.

Irregularities said...

Send your resume... Dont be afraid - the 1st few interviews would be interesting!!

Trust me!

nina said...

Nana: Supportive my bulu kaki la Nana!! Bluek. I am a neat freak in case you dont know. You are a virgo urself, it SHOULD be your characteristic ok. (selain artistic heee)

Zan: Agree. Masa muda dan sihatlah nak buat macam-macam. And man, my 'macam-macam' list is considerably long. Mm, u speaking from experience?

Btw, you are my super DUPER senior. My uncle also went to samura. Lahir 1981. Your junior too.

Irregularities: I want to trust you. I want my 1st few interview to be interesting nice, not interesting something else. Hee. Still afraid. But thanx. I will definitely send my resume (as soon as I complete it 100%)

Zan said...

Ahahaha, how'd you find out when I went to Sc Muar? I'm born in 79, that makes me class of 96 I think. And your 'uncle' is my junior...ergh I feel really really old now.

Anyway, good luck with your dreams. being fully ready doesn't hurt, but you just gotta believe in yourself and grab the opportunity before it's too late.
(there i go main kasi nasihat cam pakcik)

Irregularities said...

Agree with Zan on two things!

ONe - He's damn OLD. :P

Two - Grab the opportunities when they knock your door!

nina said...

Zan: I know because Im psychic. And IT savvy. Haaahaa. $%^&@#$

Sebenarnya I just click at ur name at ur comment and it automatically shows ur blogger profile. It reads Male, 28 etc..

Begitu sahaja.

Irregularities: Jangan cakap dier old, sensitive tu. Haha. Btw, u're just 2 years younger. Haah.

Both: Thanks y'all for your kata-kata semangat! Really appreciate it =)

Jalilah said...

haha, nina, i suffered the same thing. Everything was ready aritu (even the suit and shoes and all for interview, i dah beli) but tak mintak permission from my ex-supervisor. haha... Now, i've done it!!! Yayay!!! Just call him up. He wouldn't mind kot...

Maiya Lim E.J said...

nina, i believe you can do it! kalau ju boleh nina mesti lagi boleh punya kan???!!!

kita pun plan nak part time study and working. Becoz masa study dulu rasa bosan gila asyik study je, macam kerja lagi best. Masa Kerja pulak rasa study lagi best. So i think...kalau kerja + study, mesti best kot. Haha! Lagi pun first 2 years jadi associate burden tak heavy sgt pun kan? So...kena settlekan ACCA before jadi senior!

be confident, and always believe that you can do it!

And...february takde intake in PwC. Seriously, nak sgt you kerja sama tempat dgn kita!

diFa said...

hurm i dont know am i capable to give u advice but since i dh ade pengalaman 2 tahun bekerja n banyak interview so maybe i can..haha
yurp mmg menakutkan mase interview but u'll b okay.diorg mmg sengaja buat jd menakutkan sbab nk tau how ur confidence is. bout the referee u should call him/her. seresly most of ppl willing to help bout that plus sometimes the co didnt even call pun the referee. oh yah dont put ur expected salary lower sgt but put the highest expected c0z they will put much lower than u expected..hahaha seres kawan i engineer sorg letak 2700 sorang letak 2500. yang 2700 dapat 2500 as basic but yg letak 2500 2 dpt around 2000.. ;) Huhu

nina said...

Lely: Owh I already talk to you on the phone about this matter.. awak xpe la, dengan encik hamid ini macam ('simpul'kan ur jari kelingking both hands macam org tgh buat pact)

Ju: Study + kerja ade pros n cons. But memang CAN DO lah kan. Of course nk settlekan ACCA asap b4 jadi senior (b4 jadi gila).
Kita pun nk ade member kat my workplace (where ever it may be). JU!!

Difa: Thanks Difa!!! Owh, I totally forgot about the expected salary in my resume (fresh grad la katekan). Tula, I know they all just wanna test our confidence, yg kite takutnya is to fail the test. Haih. Ok. Kita tak nak jadi negative sangat kan. Tak elok. Thanks again=)