Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The one I sent early

Hi all,

Actually my last day is not today but tomorrow (22 Jul). Somehow, along the way, I've learned a thing or two about procrastination (ha!) so I'll write my farewell email a day in advance =).

[that way, you'll have ample time to either buy me lunch tomorrow or claim whatever thing that I may owe you and likewise- speaking of which; has anyone seen/ taken my Pendrive thumbdrive- it's white, 2GB? if yes please let me know)..

I would really like to thank everyone for your guidance, support, patience, knowledge, advice, insights, jokes, gossips; for all these had made my experience in EY such a beautiful nightmare =)

MAB Team
My first ever team and such a diverse one =) I will remember our Kedah trip fondly!!

Patimas Team
Well, in an all-girls team, we sure had plenty to gossip about.

What a sight for sore eyes! <<-- AHB and SSI understand =)

What I will always remember is the drive every morning in xxx 905 from sec 11 to sec. 2 to subang jaya, the three musketeers. The laptop terhempas! And.......tupai will never mean quite the same! OKIESS?!

Industronics Team
I will treasure the nine days stock take <<-- are you kidding me??! IB is where I first saw a flying sheep (how can I forget?). Seriously, I learnt a lot here, from my seniors, and also clients. Thank you!

Porex duo
Working with a new senior. I like! Here was where I 'mastered' TOC. Ha!

AIM Team
OMG, my glamorous yet easiest job by far! The night when I put on my dancing shoes and danced the night away! (ironically with bare foot!)

My first job on my own. (pats own shoulder). Thanks to the two managers who guided me =)

Domino's Team
Started the job all emo, but then it got better. I liked the team and enjoyed meeting collegues fr REC and GFS (but I surely didnt miss FCK's driving- I'm not yet married!). And no, the clients were not nasty..... (do not believe everything you hear)

Geng makan
You know who you are! Thanks for the company and stories!

Netball Team
I very much enjoyed our training sessions. After finally making the team (!), I'm so sad that I couldnt play with you ladies lest our team would be disqualified. (there goes my chance to show my lack of skills on a more professional level =p)

People I knew from countless stocktakes
Nice knowing you!!!

All the AOs and support staffs
Thank you! Kak Ita, thanks for helping me with my last minute claims =)

All in all, I just want to say thank you again! Hang in there fellow auditors! I wish you all the best!

keep in touch


I didn't expect that I would cry, but I did. And the MIS guy was gentleman enough to pretend not seeing me being dramatic.

EY, how we had a love-hate relationship. Regardless,
you will be missed =).

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