Tuesday, August 05, 2008


One morning..rambut sempurna

no more!

In the midst of all preperation works, the three of us managed to drop by Thomas & Guys for a haircut (and I've never had mine done at that proper a place).

With the new style, semangat adalah lebih untuk mengemas rumah! But I was a few days ahead bab-bab semangat ni. This is me all geared up for the paint job:-

girl put your records pagoda t-shirt on (tell me your favourite song)

That t-shirt was bought during my first semester in UiTM (in case you're wondering, like everybody else in the house: "mane dapat baju buruk tu?") for my marching competition, ie Kesatria, which I volunteered and I think we won something.. [this is too much information already]. Anyhu, I was sweating trying to paint the wall and that baju lembik is almost see through, so you can imagine how I looked.

Hotness needs no picture.

That night..

surprise surprise (this is from his friend)



"oi, aku dapat punching bag.... serious dowh...." (also from his friend)


Kamil* dan Nina* (*mungkin nama sebenar) were busy punching, kicking, karate-ing, flying-kicking the innocent present [complete with sound effect: hurk, hurk, haiyyak! hiyaa!] much to Mak*, Abah* & Kaklong*'s (*memang nama panggilan sebenar) annoyance.

"Lepas ni, kite boleh pegi Uptown. Test power!"

(kepada yang lambat, this means belasah orang)

Ya, kepada yang mencari kaki pukul, don't hesitate to contact us.



Suraya said...

epi bday abang nina.

kesatria, really nina? hiks!

p/s: me thinks u such a (cute) geek hehehee. me is the laikeee

Diana said...

Ye freaaaksss

Jalilah said...


you made me giggle all the way..

Thomas & Guy? Really, kamil? Oh, nina, abangmu.. but the haircut definitely looks nice. hihi

aQieYa said...

hahaha.... kim slm kat kamil ehhh