Friday, October 17, 2008

mission unaccomplished

have you seen her?

Hey there.

Here I am, sitting in my own room, at my own desk, with my own internet connection, all uninspired to write anything.

But I sense, some of you (yes, some only, not all, ha ha) do want me to update this page, you know, to see how I'm doing here, am I having fun, have I actually been studying =).

I used to want my first entry in London to be full of pictures, with all my firsts. I took pictures of how I spent my first day here, the first meal I ate, the first room that I bunked in, how I spent my first day, my first day at college, the first lauk I cooked, my first merdeka, my first birthday, my first raya etc. I even made mental notes on my first random encounters like how excited I was when I saw my name first on the class register because here they alphabetize by your surname, and back home I was always the last one except when I was in standard 2 because there was a boy named Zubir.

But then, procrastination (my soon to be ex-best friend) kicked in. Add to that, my two weeks of living a nomadic lifestyle, with limited internet connection. All these, combined with my perfectionism, hindered me from writing the perfect first entry (hey, there are hundreds of pictures, how was I going to pick some to be published here, and do justice to the new life of a girl in a big city? =p). [yeah, and I never upload anything on fb, thank goodness people tag me]

So now, after more than a month in London, here I am, writing this crap. What's worse is me explaining why I am writing crap. And even worse my repeating of phrases, it's ridiculous.

Does this make any sense? At all?

Anyway, I've just finished writing another paragraph, but deleted it as soon as I finished writing it because a normal person, at least would know how much crap one entry can have before it becomes too much.

And there I go again.

So much for a grand first entry.

till then, y'all.


mamipoko said...

salam nina...
at last............. !!

fay said...


i am one of those people..

huhu... rindu kamu~ =P

Dianagh said...

Dah sepuluh abad suruh letak gambar, bila letak, gambar tak nak pulak macam kecik gilaa kan. Nena oh nena. Can we swap secrets soon?

Auntie Mamipoko cakap nak buat blog!

shockresistant7 said...

if its any consolation, i love your cute orangey red coat!!
take care

Suraya said...

aiyoo, punyala lama menyepi..story demory laa :P