Wednesday, October 22, 2008

so how?

I once read that the point of writing, is to convey your message in an understandable form to your intended audience. Well, putting audit report and creative writing aside, every day news should, at the very least, be fathomable to the normal people like you and me, who may not have an extensive vocabulary.

So. I was reading the newspaper just now, the on-line one, and could not really understand what is it that the writer was trying to say. I did feel, more than one time, that he is just showing off his writing flair, leaving me to alternately switching the tabs; news-merriamwebster-news-merriamwebster, which then left me annoyed and frustrated; 'why don't I know the meanings already????'.

When I was in Form 5, I have this pocket dictionary which I stole from school. I would randomly open a page in between classes (and during class) to learn new words. I carried it to UiTM classes too, and now to college (wah, I'm downgrading, from university to college ha ha not funny). The pages are yellowing and edges becoming stained, but I love it. It has 50,000 definitions!

Anyway, again, the main topic, or sub-topic, or whatever. I do like learning new words, but the depressing part is, I don't think my brain can retain the meanings for long after learning. I have already forgotten most words that I used to know.

You know on-line dictionaries have history, and that it can show that you've searched for that word before when you are typing it? Well, I've looked up for the same words over and over and couldn't seem to remember their meanings.

So how?

My brain is only 23 years old.


shockresistant7 said...

ahh! finally someone else who reads the dictionary for the fun of siblings think i'm weird because i do that...

si G.E.D.I.K.S said...

hahaha.. curik manaa??
which school??????
saas or samura ?

faiz azmi said...

I think it's not because of your brain's age that you couldn't remember the words that you used to know; it's the STOLEN dictionary! :)

Dianagh said...

Hai Zar. Irina's DS Brainquiz-ing game thingi said my brain is 86-years old. Apparently, apparently.

Ah, who needs those brainsmush anyways.

hanafedora said...

zarina...I have the same problem..but in ur case i think ur fren is right..maybe its because of the stoleh dic...hhaah kiut la u ni...

aziezainal ~~ said...

hahaha stolen dictionary..

comel arr u nie nina

nina said...

maryam: well, looks like we have other similarity aside from our cute look. ha ha.

basirah: samura! (guilty, but i can explain, seriously)

faiz, hana, azimah: here's my explanation- i didnt exactly stole the dictionary fr someone. kamus itu ditinggalkan di BGP oleh seniors, maybe tu dictionary wakaf, ataupun benda rampasan oleh pengawas2, or budak tahun lepas yg duduk situ just malas nak simpan the dictionary. when i was cleaning the BGP, i just took whatever stuff i want before we threw them away. lagipun, kat page depan of the dictionary, ada chop 'perpustakaan MRSM kerteh, terengganu'.......> eh, myb orang lain start curik dulu, pastu kira i pulak second-degree curik!

(no wonder lah. so much for explaining)

aaaaand.....cute?! xde maknanya =)

hana, the invitation to view your blog dah expired laaah. xbole baca dah =(

dianne: my brain could have been 98-years old should i play that DS Brainquiz-ing game thingi..oh oh, it's becoming a workshop kepada makhluk merah bertanduk!

jom buat brain exercise!

si G.E.D.I.K.S said...

okla ..
tak dikire mencuri..
but mengambil barang org x mahu..

nina said...

tak elok membazir =)?