Saturday, November 15, 2008

over, and out!

This is in no way a complaint, really.

It is Saturday today, and for me now, it is just another day in a week that I am not looking forward to too much, (well except for futsal tomorrow). I've been staying home a lot since classes ended, and weekends only mean I am lazier to pick up my notes and do any serious studying. Today is no exception. At least, as bored as I am today, I do not shed tears like last week (well that's a different story), because really, boredom drives you up (and over) the wall. I was told that I'm being hyper by a person I pestered earlier, and thank goodness my boredom defence mechanism varies weekly for I will totally get bored of crying out of boredom if it happens in a seven-day cycle.

I don't know if I'm lucky, or them unlucky to have at least a few people here that I am comfortable enough to pester on my moody days, or just because.

I have pretty awesome housemates, seriously, who are friends of my cousin. If I had known them longer, I am sure we can be close(r), because they are nice people and I can tell we operate within the same wavelengths. They have been kind enough to include me at dinners/ atherings stuff and sometimes explain to me about this or that particular person they are talking about, whom I do not know. But them, having stayed here for years, shared memories/histories/special bond, different timetable/busy days and a certain level of tolerance/indifference towards London and her idiosyncrasies, good or bad, sometimes makes me feel left out. This is a blame not to be put upon anyone.

Maybe today is quite a special case as all of us have different plans, what more with my (abandoned) 'study plan'. But when at home, we sit in our respected rooms, behind closed doors, do our own thing, on our own computers. Even for me who enjoy solitary and my own company can get uneasy under this no-pressure pressure. I usually would go knocking on their doors, see what they're doing and stuff, but I don't want to be the pestering new housemate, y'know? People have different ideas how to spend their time, but basically it's about comfortable factor I mentioned above.

So just now, around 8p.m I got out of my house, walked alone along the busy street of Queensway. It's somewhat wonderful to be living on a busy street so I can walk alone at night without much fear, just watching people, humming random song that is on my mind and matching my pace to the beat. My entertainment for tonight was when I saw a group of guys and girls exchanging FuckYous. The girls were going into the iconic London cab when the guys said it playfully and they replied back matter-of-factly. They don't look like they know each other or are madly cussing at each other. I just think that the guys want to, you know, the girls.


Then I arrived at my friends' house one block away, just to have dinner. Thank goodness for them, too.

Well, friends and family, not to worry, I am coping out just fine. It is not unusual for me to over-dramatise everything right?

On a lighter note, a few days back, I went to a public library nearby. Even though the stillness and quiteness in the library amplified my sleepiness (oh my goodness, so many ness!), I did manage to do some revision. However, I was dissapointed with the interior of the library. It was modern and normal steel shelve furnished, compared to wooden shelves/tables complete with decorative stained-glass, Hogwarts-like library I had in mind. And to add to my keenness of having the quintessential English experience (whatever thaaat means), I bought me some tea. Now, if only I have the delicately painted china, I can sit by the window and sip from the cup with my pinkie pointed up, before resuming with my knitting!

(mc)Dreamy Tea

1 deep breath.
30 seconds of shut-eye.
Another 5 minutes in bed.
An afternoon with your dream date.
A ticket to ride to the end of the rainbow.
Let's drink to a life less complicated.


ashieBee said...

awwwwwwww.....if u are bored and want to hang out, gimme a call la!!! hehehe. or hey, maybe u should come to my hall one of these days and i'll for u lah. can also ;)

Emmet Pearl said...

focus focus. jangan get derailed. :p

nadiaphyc said...

ler...i shud've hung with u then..smalam. was home alooone!!

and yeah...pretty soon u'll know all them people we're gossiping about heheheh ;p

diFa said...

Good Luck Nina... (^_^)

lama x tgglkan cmmt utk awk.hehe =)

nina said...

rashidah: awww. so sweet of you. tu lah, nxt time i'll just call/ text you lah (since u've offered to be kacau-ed ;p). but the coming weekends, i think i will be preoccupied considering exams are practically loooooming. tapi u plk xde in dec =(. will figure something out.((dari last year nak jumpa, tak jumpa2 pun))

faiz: yeah thanks dude! will try! =)

yaa: hoho.. tu lah, nxt time the bored souls should meet and something cool might happen. ngehhe. ((ala, know also no use, cannot jumpa/see the people, contoh terdekat: BA-IM ;p))

difa: thank you difa.... pray for me =)

Hanafedora said...

agak boring sebenarnye duduk di oversea kan..somehow..mmg ramai je orang keliling but u still feels lonely..i had that last year..not to mention the left out..

nina can u open my blog dh?? owh owh n bile u habis exam ni??

Suraya said...

Ninaaa~~ i need to email u abt sthhh..nak tanyerr

nina said...

hana: yeah, esp for ppl like me who are quite shy with new ppl ;(. oh, plus the gloomy weather here also buat rasa lagi depressing! lol.

i abis exam 10th dec =D. aaaand, i dah bole bukak ur blog dah!!! thanks!

(btw, aritu, i ym-ed u nk tnye about ski trip. tp sbb susah sgt nk kumpul orang, i cam dh xsmgt sgt dah....)

sue: email laaaa=)

izza said...

nina! :) hows you? hope you'll find that each day brings new experiences, for good or for bad. in the end, for good :)

sile la kacau je former2 hsemates ku tu... ;p we do that to each other EVERYTIME we're bored which is practically quite often ;)

take care!

nina said...

izza pizzaaa!

i's good =p. my experiences so far have been good too.

sekarang dah lebih selalu kacau diorang. awal2 agak segan sikit.. ((and this post was written when i was a bit emotional, u know, that time of the month))..

take care too!