Monday, January 05, 2009

Don't forget about them

When I attended BTN camp not long ago, in a group activity we were asked to answer questions about ourselves. Name five people (tokoh) that you admire, five things that you cannot live without, five things that made you proud about Malaysia, your happiest and saddest moments in life and whether or not you vote, etc.

No one missed the standard answers that mostly went along the line of prime ministers (choose any of the four five), success and family, 16th Commonwealth Games, the Twin Tower and the like. They all seemed almost like the right answers.

What I remember most about that session is the comment made by our facilitator on our answers particularly that of one person. She said, the saddest moment in her life was when her pet cat died.

You wouldn't say it wasn't that sad if you knew she was the only child.

Another person could not forget the day one of his ship crews died in his arms.

I don't remember what mine was (and that's not an indication that I don't get sad. Seriously, don't you know me?)

That day, I shared this story for the happiest moment, because that was the one single thing I could think of given the time constraint to answer such a difficult question. Har har.

Others cited her wedding day, living in the UK for a few years and representing Malaysia in some world conference to be their happiest moments.

Our facilitator commented on how we were fortunate and blessed to have had happy moments in our lives, that we could experience and remember fondly. What are our little sad moments compared to the sufferings others had to endure day after day. Some may not even have anything near to pleasant and worth remembering. Others had to face hardship from the day they could remember. They did not have the luxury that we had, that we took for granted. You could only imagine but would never understand.

Think about it. Think about them. Especially now.

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