Saturday, October 03, 2009

still going on at it

I've sent out 12 more today. Pray I'd get positive response. :)


I found this rather funny one while perusing and clicked out of curiousity:

Pay: £6/h
Full time or Part time


Do you have NO work experience?!
Are you desperate for a job to earn £6 an hour?!
Are you prepared to do something boring on & on & on again?!
Do you live in xxxxxx or a nearby area?!

Then you will be a perfect match for this job opening.

We are looking for a person to do "Copy & Paste" for thousands of records using a computer application. This is a really uninteresting task. No communication with others.

You will need to sit on your own with a computer program and do this "Copy & Paste" your entire time. If you like dealing with people, doing anything mind-challenging or something where you can learn and grow, DO NOT apply for this job.

If you have a degree or work experience, you will be OVERQUALIFIED.

To apply, please use the link below and include the following information:
1- Your postcode.
2 - Number of hours per week that you can work
3 - Your current status

Now, if I am on the brink of desperation, live nearer and have less love for my 20/20 eyes, I would definitely reply to this ad!


Mai Ya . Lim said...

goodluck nina!

Putra Al-Maliki said...

Hi! Salam ziarah. Jom xchange link & sila komen entri blog saya di . TQ.

Putra Al-Maliki said...

Keje nie memang boring...boleh masuk hospital tekanan perasaan...huhu