Wednesday, November 25, 2009

you and me, let's meet, topless.

Whether or not I will still remember all of these in ten years' time, let alone just long enough until the paper's over, I don't know, but here are something you can play with, jargon-geeks:

Bimbo: Buy-in management buy-out ie a deal involving both a buy-in by outside managers and a buy-out buy current managers

Caps, floors and collars: Limit to which the interest rate charged in a leveraged buy-out can respectively rise, fall and range between

Lemons: Deals that go wrong

Plums: Succesful deals

Living dead: Companies which just earn enough cash to pay the interest on their borrowings, but no more. They can continue indefinitely, but are never expected to flourish

And most importantly, the one we've all been waiting for, brought to you by

TOPLESS MEETING: A meeting in which participants are not allowed to use laptops. A topless meeting organizer can also ban the use of smartphones, cellphones and other electronic devices. The purpose of this is to create an environment free from distraction, to foster enhanced focus and to generate more discussions.

....and from me:

Corporate finance: Bukan sejenis makanan yang dipanggil kacang goreng!