Friday, April 16, 2010

At the risk of sounding.... I'm not glad to be back, just this once, I'm going to say it out in the open, I truely miss London. Everything about it. Leaving the city during the more beautiful season pains me even more. I want to be there with those who are there.

My boxes arrived today. With that, my life for that short while, carefully packed in the tiny cardboard walls are delivered. No more in-betweens. Between there and here. My returning home seemed cannot be more final. What else is there to wait for, to look forward to?

As I was unpacking, I stopped to smell; the clothes that I'd washed, the shoes unworn, the books and anything I felt like. They didn't particularly smell of the combination of detergent and fabric softener that I used, but much more pleasant. Maybe because they were in the boxes for a long time. Or they'd gotten the scent from travelling across the seas to come to me. The sweet odor transported me to a place I want to be.

The timing is perfect, in every sense of the word. I'm not talking about order delivery, but because it's at that time of the month when I have the uncontrollable need to romantisize everything.

It's just what I need.