Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Random good news of the day: I got a call from the bank and am through to second round of interview. Honestly, I thought that I wouldn't get it. Alhamdulillah :)

You know what I should do? Turn my mobile phone off of sleep mode and let it be somewhere I can hear during the day. This is not the first time I couldn't be reached on my mobile. Macam VIP aja, walaupun sebenarnya, not so.


Today, one of my fears was proven unfounded. It's still a valid one I must say, and luckily today it did not happen.

At the top of my head, I can now think of two of my biggest fears (not in particular order):

1) The ocean- out of its sheer vastness. Can you imagine yourself in the middle of it, or worse, at the bottom of it? Where it is so deep even lights cannot penetrate; so dark, full of creatures you have never seen; and so high the pressure, what you feel is only the stabbing pain?

2) Becoming a parent during your children's rebellious times. When gentle admonition has lost its power and further reproach drives them away. In all hopelessness, you pray that you've taught them enough and one day they'll come to their senses.

I did not suddenly become a parent to a teenager today, nor found myself in the ocean. That would be too farfetched.

I was afraid......

Ok tukar bahasa untuk lebih 'feeeel':

Aku takut, masa pecahkan telur nak masak, bukannya putih & kuning telur yang keluar, tapi anak ayam! Atau segumpal bende yang dalam proses nak jadi anak ayam (prolly look like a seamonkey?). GELIIIII KOT?!?!?! Pasal, tadi, telur tu, kulit putih dia (bukan yang keras di luar tu), liat sungguh. Macam ada anak ayam aja dalam tuuuu.........

But then abah used it for his omelette and said it was fine. No chicks, hot or otherwise.

Tapi........... takutkan? geli, kan?!?!

Korang tak takut?


p/s: Another one: being alone in the dark. Who wouldn't be afraid of that?


Mai Ya . Lim said...

Goodluck nina for the interview! Wish you all the best!

nina said...

thanks maiiya! :)