Sunday, April 18, 2010


RM10 - is it much?
10km - is it far?

So today, I went to the gym with my brother using the free trial pass. Was on the treadmill most of the time. Nak habiskan 7km pun bersusah-payah, it took me around an hour to complete, together running (7.5-8 km/h) and walking (4.5-6 km/h). I know, it's nothing much. I'm not like that crazy person who can run 10.3km non-stop, even though half of it was out of spite ;p. By crazy, of course I mean awesome! Effortless. Inspiration!

Add a few more kms, a 10km run is like travelling from Shah Alam to Subang Jaya on foot.


After that I went to submit the registration form at Bangunan MPSJ. The counter's supposed to be open Monday-Sunday (9-5pm). As fate had it, it was closed when I arrived at 4.30pm. Pak guard cakap, pukul satu diorang dah tutup dah, buka dari pukul 7 pagi tadi!

Hokay!?! I don't really care if they opened at 7, or even 6! They should close at 5pm, like what's written in the form.

Anyway, as the run will be postponed to another date in June instead of next weekend, registration deadline is also extended. One of these days, I'll have to go there again to register. I refuse to believe it's a sign for me to not partake in the run.

Fadhli cakap, tak payah lah masuk run ni. Lari saja-saja untuk kesihatan sudah.

I know it's true. When I run too much, I have the tendency to get a headache or 'lembik' for the rest of the day. For all I know, by then, I may have already started working. Lembik di pejabat, tak boleh tu!


It's now or never. Bila lagi, kan? When I'm still fit. Ngee.

So the plan is, to just register. If, after training, my body tells me it cannot handle, then just don't get set behind the starting line on that Sunday. Sepuluh ringgit aje pun registration fee.

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