Thursday, May 13, 2010


Akhirnya, setelah lambat sejuta tahun dari orang-orang lain, saya berjaya menghabiskannya!!!

For the last few weeks, I'd been devouring more than my eyes on the thousands upon thousands of those magical pages..

The only consolation I get by lagging from the 'market' is, I don't have to anticipate for the final installment, everything is ready. Tak payah nak pre-order kat Kino. Tak payah nak camping luar kedai.

For the final one, I can join the bandwagon of people who've read the book before watching them (yes, them: why split into two?!??! and eight months in between?!) on silver screen.

Bila tengok wayang dulu baru baca, imaginasi jadi terbatas, sebab bila JKR 'describe', saya terus terbayang pelakon-pelakonnya, makanan-makanannya, pemandangannya. How can you seperate Daniel and Harry? You've already had a pre-conceived idea on things.

Yang penting, HP memang TERBAEK!!!

The school that all of us want to go to. Forget KYS, SSP or Jasin. This is it!


Jalilah said...

congrats nina! hahaha... i've read your potter books dulu before you. How ironic. finally you da abes baca. It IS GREAT and FANTASTIC, isn't it?

envime said...

nak pegi jugak sekolah tuh!

nina said...

lely: well, better late than never ;p it is indeed, grantastic!! love it love it.

tanti: let's find platform 9 3/4 nearby ;p