Saturday, May 28, 2011

28 haribulan

It's been a month now. I didn't cry as much as when it just happen. But secretly I was afraid that it meant that I have forgotten.

I went inside the room to clean up. But I couldn't. It came back and I started crying. There I was looking at the things he left behind. The pills. The pictures. The suffering. The secrets. The unfinished business. The world.

I was in his little world.

There were kind words given, for patience and strength. The most comforting one was from a friend, he wrote, as the malays would say "kembali ke rahmatullah". And it means precisely that, kembali ke rahmat Allah, for He is the most exalted in power and all things good.

I have had dreams about him, all of which made me feel somewhat relieved upon waking up. They were all peaceful, and may Abah, rest in peace.

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