Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Just got back from tasik. Got myself jogging for five minutes and walking much much more. Fitness level is at record's low, I guess. Can't say my current lifestyle is not contributing to this downfall, but that's a story for another day.

So while waiting for the sweat to dry-off (believe me it will only take minutes), let me just share what I've planned for today.

Take Jaiho to the vet, if it's even open on a Sunday. I reckon Jaiho is having a post-partum depression, not her cheerful self. Eversince she gave birth, she looks sad, doesn't want to eat & come out to play with me. I haven't seen her kittens, perhaps all didn't survive. When I got back from work on Friday, her belly was already flat, as well as her little spirit. Maybe grooming would do her good too. Oh my Jaiho, you're making me saaad :(

Help mum with stuff she's been asking me to do. Maybe for an hour or so.

Then off to office. Yes, yes. Such is life of somebody who's month/quarter/year-end scheduling is very much dictated by the 'closing' activity. Hope to get much done today as the weeks to come seem pretty daunting. Perhaps I will share if when I survive to tell the tale.

I plan to get a few hours sleep after coming home from work. Yes, need to plan to sleep since I didn't get enough last night. Spent the hours surfing the net because I don't get much time for that any other nights.

At night, there's a wedding to attend. Can't wait. I'm very sure it's gonna be a very beautiful wedding.

Happy Sunday people! Hope you'll have a productive one! :)

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