Friday, April 06, 2012

Pendek-pendek, campur-campur

  • Puas hati dengan trafik ke KL pagi tadi. Tak puas hati dengan pemanduan kurang hajar sesetengah pihak.
  • Q1 2012 QPR: Zarina, awak tak berubah pun?
  • Super sad when yoga got cancelled today. Was looking forward to it since I missed the one yesterday. I need that balance during this highly stressing time of the month/year, esp. in this department. Haven't gone back late for a while. Headache's coming (back).
  • The weighing scale is mocking me with its honest 'evaluation' my kilos. Heaviest EVER!
  • Met a friend I got to know when I was in Londres. Friendly :) Although I've posted on fb, some people did not notice/remember/care. I still get that question, when is he coming back etc. etc. I can only answer what I know from last time, which answer may no longer be valid since updated info is not communicated to this side ;p. Didn't know why I had to bring that up during our short conversation, but was surprised by the response.
  • Lunch with baby. Possibility of having to be her bridesmaid :)
  • EEEEEEE MALUNYAAAAAAAAA OH NOOOOOO HAHHAHAA!!!!!! (randomisationofarchivisationomaigation)


cik mat said...

wahh.seronok laa dapat jadi bridesmaid!huhu.oh,u dah start yoga eh? blh release stress etc etc kan?

nina said...

x confirm lagi. bride needs to talk to her sister 1st. dh buat yoga for 2 months. enjoyed it immensely, walaupun sakit2 juga kdg2. yup mmg banyak benefits yoga :)

cik mat said...

oh,cool :)