Sunday, May 27, 2012

JYeah: the beginning

The night was 9th Feb, when I had a long telephone conversation with Oad (the kind yang sampai telinga panas). We were talking about random stuff, catching up and I asked her about her recent Japan trip in December. She then let me in to a little secret, "Nina, sebenarnya kita nak pergi Jepun lagi, bulan Mei...tapi kita tak bagi tau siapa-siapa pun sangat.....". Without hesitation or much thinking on my part, I shamelessly invited myself OAD KITE TAK KIRA NAK IKUT JUGAK. At that point, I wasn't in the best place in my life so travelling sounded like a good distraction, and attraction, also, it's Oad; how could I look further for a better travel partner?! :).

A couple of weeks after our conversation, I was the proud owner of a return ticket for Tokyo, yo! 

The following months saw us preparing for out trip (lucky for us it was Oad's second time going there so a skeleton itinerary was somewhat ready). Individual research was also ongoing (all at differing pace since we were busy with work/thesis writing/viva presentation). The first time I met the other travel mates was when we went to the Japanese Embassy for visa application i.e. Oad's cousin and friend.

The one thing I found funny preceding to our departure was our accommodation a dramatic summary, we were relying our lives to a total stranger! ;p (turned out to be quite a home-stay, and we lived to tell the tale!).

When the countdown had reached around a week before our departure, I figured it was about time for me to have my suitcase lie open on my bedroom floor, for first-cut packing exercise: the tossing of things - necessaries and maybes. That was the extent of it, mindless tossing. (but of course I have a list, I cannot pack for a trip without THE LIST, you know, the things you bring are as good as the list. OK dah merepek).

Fast forward to the night of our flight......Bazlina, Raudzah dan Zarina sibuk berwhatsapp tentang 'ke-nervous-an' dan 'ke-excited-an' dan 'ke-unpreparedness-an" masing-masing untuk berjalan-jalan di Jepun.

"bawa baju jalan 7 je boleh kan?"

"baju tido nk bawa sepasang ke 2?"

im only planning to bring 1 jeans.
which is the one im wearing
ha hadoi malas nk pack"

"Omg, belum cek in"

"kita belom activate cc utk overseas"

"dgtgsjjdrb kena activate????"

"omg i havent done"

"Activate tu mksudnya just call the bank"

"Ape no bank pun xsure haha"

"Td kte br activate intrntnl roaming je"

"Kat belakang cc tu ada numbor phone
just call"

"kita dah beli internwt"

"serious ada number blkg tu lol apakah tak penah perasan"

"eh customer service 24hr la
can call now osso"  
(1:41 am)

"baju tido bawa sepasang je kan?"

"kte bwk 2 pasang
sweater n socks tdo juga"

"ahhh socks
td tak sempat nk beli"

"socs ada jual kat kedai 100yen"

"telekung how"

"Ill bring one too utk smyg kt rumah is
on the road, just lengan extension n socks"

"ahh yeah
woohoo what is sleep"

"Whats that"
(4.04 am)

(some content has been excluded, but the above, there's no embellishment).



Jaja® said...

U iz funny :-)

nina said...

hik hik kekak! [tq?!;p]

diana said...

weh itu apaa buku japonais research kah?? why so lawa

diana said...

hoi itu moleskine memo whatever japanese folding thing?! i just noticed. and what is that paris biznez? ok see yah.

nina said...

Hai Diana Idris itu Moleskine yang Sara kasi before I left for London!!! Cerita Japan sikit je dlm tu coz no time to tulis when I was there (lagipun I intend to write kat blog je). Paris biznes was for my winter trip (and the prominent "YES!!" was for Eiffel Tower incident). At the center, ada a bit about My Summer Adventure (if you can squint and decipher it), tapi semuanya half-cooked. (saya cerita sikit2 je dekat awak sebab ia adalah an embarrassment untuk kasi awak baca).

You know what, the finger prints on the second page were yours, Anuar's and mine (ingat tak kite paksa awak buat???- for my Manchester trip hehe).