Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Some of us at Bukit Tabur East last week on Christmas.

They are now conquering Bukit Tabur West on new year's day, but I'm not going because there's just a lot of other things I plan to do today.

This post is just to show, that I am still, ALIVE and KICKING SPLITTING :)


How did I celebrate last night? Well a good night's sleep is all I need after spending the whole day car washing :). I was in bed as early as 10 p.m., eager to wake up to a new year, a new day.

2012 has been good though not great. I feel like it's a transition year, from a bad 2011 to a great 2013 I am planning to have. It will be wonderful, insyaAllah.

Can't wait for  me to finish this post, and start making my 2013 resolutions. Yes, I am going to make a new year's resolutions... (no need to be skeptical you negative bunch, I just want to start somewhere). For each different aspect of my life, together with the action/game plan for me to attain them. Quantifiable and measurable. And most importantly, doable.

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