Sunday, March 03, 2013

A convert I am (and annoyed I am) But regretful I am not

An officemate (a re-convert*) asked a few days after my purchase "Bored and disappointed already?"

I actually haven't had the time to really explore it, so I can't say much. But having spent xx amount of money on it, of course I will never agree to his statement (secretly or openly hihi).

In case you're wondering, I have a new baby. Got it on Valentine's day (from myself I must add, not a present though I just wished it was). The date made it easy for me to remember so that in the future it's easier for me to make a more accurate justification.

So the justifications that nobody sought, for now are:
1. I've never had AppleAnything, not even the nano or shuffle. In this lifetime, let me at least try once, before I look back and regret not trying the finer things in my technological life. Oh drama much. I foresee this, will be a catalyst for more iShinyThingS.
2. The previous one was bought more than five years ago (fully depreciated by any accounting standard). It has served me well throughout my student and early working life. I thank thee for allowing me to be kiasu in doing all my assignments well (and on time) during your existence in my final undergraduate year and being my loyal companion during my years living abroad. Lately though, as you've aged, it's been really trying. Booting you takes forever and I am tempted to throw you at the wall. Ever since I came back, you had been the one for me, while my brother had bought and used at least three (yeah, he's a much heavier user than I am but who's keeping score).......  so with 3 against 1, I think it's only fair, and it's time ;p

This post has a point, I promise.

You wanna see it wanna see it? Lo!

(with retina display)

Sidenote: A day earlier (13th Feb), Apple announced a newer spec rendering a price cut on earlier version (my version). I was just looking around at machines on VDay, but when the salesgirl told me the older model will not be produced anymore and they only have a few more in store, I just had to buy it. In case you're wondering, the price cut is RM1,300 of the original price, with a difference of just 0.1GHz as compared to the latest spec. I say, why not.

Now, to the point of this post : POTONG STIM.

Previously I've been using Microsoft Money to track my expenses, income etc. It was user friendly, free and I'm just so used to it. Being on Mac now, I know I just had to find a replacement, so naturally the first app that I downloaded from AppStore was a budget/finance related one. No, please don't generalise, just because I work in F Department (I've known someone who's with different background and more on the dot with his finances, you know who you are ;p). I'm more liberal, hence the creation of 'I don't know where it went' expense type and 'I don't know where it came from' income type.

The same re-convert friend asked me the other day if I do personal budget/track expenses and how do I do it. And so, him and MicrosoftMoney were introduced. (At current time, he already said goodbye and moved to an android based application). Anyway, upon coming back from office that day I googled if there's any Money for Mac like they have Office for Mac; I came across this site.

Le Sigh. But that's A-okay I supposed. The app I downloaded looks pretty fine.

Today is Sunday. I have some free time to update my finances (speaking of which, I feel like sharing my 2013 resolutions and the progress at month two, but I guess that will have to be in a separate post. I've digressed so much already.) So there I was, retrieving my receipts, checking my credit card statements and making the necessary entries in my new colourful app, that is somewhat easy to use..until a window popped up. The free version of the app can only be entered with twenty transactions. #$%^&*???? The full-blown version costs $19.99. Like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


Any suggestions for a good app that's free? Right now, I couldn't be bothered to do research and read reviews; just want a quick fix. So receipts, kindly make your way to the pouch where you belong and I shall retrieve you once again when I have found a new solution.

*People say, once you go black, you never go back. He went back. And I mean Mac when I say black.


diana said...

kesian anda! but when you would have had to printscreen stuff when purchasing something or as proof, you can have those in pdf like it ain't no thang! at least, there's that :] pat pat neensies! tetapi CONGRATS! welcome to the other side bahahah

fadhli said...

That's what happens when you go to the other side. Forget about tracking your expenses, they just want you to spend spend spend on their overpriced products! Hehe.

nina said...

Thanks nana! I still need lots of getting-used-to..

Yeah Fadhli, like how I just spent on some budgeting app an hour ago.