Friday, May 10, 2013

Rojak Special

It's no fun without you. Sidekick was at the side but what good is a sidekick that doesn't 'kick'? Yesterday on the mat, there were sound effects unfamiliar to the regulars. Big guy next to me had this "tttttttt" doing crow. What confused me during savasana was the multiple HA!s. Was it funny ha ha? Or crying hu...uh hu...uh? Or wailing haaaaaah!? I never experienced this before. Usually it's just krohh. Must say, it was half-hearted practice (mine). When one is missing, one is missing. Do you know that, iCndy? Is this an empty bladdered Angpau kind of feel? Forgetting Susan Glenn (I mean Gary B.) (already)? By the conclusion of the fifth moon, one direction must emerge. Mere mortal can only seek divine intervention. Kei$ha woke up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy, she sang.

ps: siapa tere? ;p

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