Tuesday, June 15, 2004

yada yada yada

hmmm, it's 3 am and i cant sleep.. why huh? so many things on my mind and i fell quite restless... okay, there's a few things i think of writing, so here goes:

1. jaja's blog
2. my inspirations
3. iq test
4. astro remote control
5. akademi fantasia ( hehe )
6. my 1 night working experience
7. top five most hated animals/insects/whatever
8. the content of my blog
9. menjawab ( again )
11. dejavu

okay, just now, kamil told me, kak long's blog is actually right on top in 'malaysia's top blog'.. haha, you should thank me for the votes that i've been casting all this while..akhirnya, kePOYOran berjaya menakluki takhta..bertahan lame tak agaknyer??
anyways, it reminds me of my own blog and the content...still in the early phase and loads to improve.. need to maintain some kind of originality..

okay, my remote control wasn't working the whole day, and i got stucked on astro ria. all the buttons were, i dont know, locked? pressed them so hard, i thought i might develop some kind of muscles (or benjol?) on my fingers,hehe, but still, ria was all i could see. tried changing the batteries, knocked it a few times and even thought of throwing it down from the stairs..(actually, the plan was to buy a brand new ciplak control tomorrow)but then, i got this "lightning bulb moment". so i switched off the main switch (is it redundant?), turn on everything once more, and, walla, the remote control worked wonders again..yeay!! am i a genius or what?! owh, talk about genius, i just tried the tickle iq test, and they reckon my iq was 131. let me quote it precisely:131-exceptionally good at discovering quick solutions to problems, especially ones that involve maths or logic. you are also resourceful and able to think on your feet... hehe..although it IS true, there are more of me, you know..(i've read about people condeming iq test and the like, but what the heck, i love it..just like i enjoy doing other personality tests and reading about horoscopes...

yesterday, i went to work with fairuz..haha..became a waitress/TUKANG SERVE (laugh all you want) at the clubhouse, (saas golf club) for a wedding.. very tiring, but it was fun though.. hehe, mencuci mata..betul..there was one guy, who looked freakingly familiar, model iklan kot..and the three of us(me, fairuz, kak farah) kept staring at him, trying to remember, "mamat ni blakon iklan ape ek", and we gave extra attention to that particular table.. hehe..he even said thank you(what a gentleman) and looked at me, but hey, i've got S.T.Y.L.E, so i just nodded without looking...and then, we had a 3 second conversation:me" would you like to have coffee or tea?"..him"hmm, i'd like tea please". hehe..sure.. a lesson i learnt that night was never underestimate orang yang kerje mende ni, because it does take a lot of energy and effort..true! talk about mencuci mata, again, i actually quite like encik ibrahim, you know, the one in-charge of us the workers.. hehe, smart, i tell you..it made me consider having an affair with an older guy ( hehe, matila kalau mak bace).. but anyway, the crush or whatever perasaan suka tuh, just lasted one night..i'm not feeling anything, anymore when i'm writing this... and, other part of the night that i like was when me and kak farah curi-curi makan cendol.. yes!! kene curi-curi makan..i felt so terribly hungry, not to forget, tired like hell.. did i mention that i was wearing kasut bertumit..(i have no other black shoes)..so, we sneaked outside, and amek semangkuk cendol sorang, balun....but, the thought of us yang mencuri2 makan ni, made me want to laugh, and it was hard to actually eat the cendol..rase nak tekincing pun ada.. hehe, selekeh tak?? and, encik ibrahim or lebih manje bang brahim, of all people, saw me doing this.....owh, whatever..then, this one guy, who was actually quite okay-looking talked to me...ala borak kosong..i was membetul2kan my legs that were killing me softly ( hehe, my black shoes), and made some facial expressions, indicating the 'hurt' i was enduring...and he was like "tak pakai stokin ker"........"tu la, lengkali pakai stokin tebal sket.." ala, ayat-ayat concern laa... later that night, he offered to send us home, but, hallo?? tak mungkin.....

what i've realised now is, eventhough i'v listed the things to write, i wont be able to touch on everything due to my quirk of explaining things to the very last detail..the result, banyak yang tak dapat nak tulis sebab dah banyak sangat mengarut and melencong.. but, there's always time for everything right?? lengkali sambung lagi... i'm not thingking straight right now...hmm, nak tido!!

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