Thursday, March 24, 2005

old school

old school

today, kaklong and i drove by our primary schools. it was a stroll down memory lane. here, i learnt new things(they weren't called the schools for nothing girl), found some friends for life(hopefully), enjoyed/loathed some gossips/silly nicknames/extra attention i received, had fights with boys(and girls too),played games (batu seremban, tenteng, getah "zero point")et cetera . among others, 'it' started during my years in these schools, and eventually carried on to later years.. hmm, the effect of 'it' still lurks in my life so far, and 'it' can never be undone.hehe, now, i am being a little bit emotional, so a change of subject will be very divine. when i came home, i opened THE BOX and managed to retrieve some old pictures. hehe.. though i may not look so much different in the 'face' area, but believe me, neck-down, it's a different story

raja muda Posted by Hello

standard 1- (1992) Posted by Hello

std 1 merah with cikgu bariah. i was the assistant monitor. hehe. cikgu keluar kelas, saya tulis name bebudak bising...:) Posted by Hello

standard 2 (1993). nurul aida, nina, farah adilah, azrin....yes i still remember their names. in fact, i remembered too much.. kikiki Posted by Hello

3 years in AMSA- miss my piano classes Posted by Hello

standard 6- sekolah agama-  Posted by Hello

standard 6- shatila, khairil nizam, nina Posted by Hello

me and qurratul - 6 ceria. cute ^_^ Posted by Hello

Last day in raja muda- semuorang busy sign autograph n amek gambar (6 Ceria) Posted by Hello

standard 6- i was skinny then. look at my ally mcbeal-ish legs..macam batang kayu.. hehe Posted by Hello

smssaas days- form 2 (1998)- last day of school kot. semuorang basah2. main simbah2 air kalau tak silap... hmm, bliss Posted by Hello

SAMURA- my secondary school in johor. ni gamba amek kat rooftop (blok pekerja) . hana, nina, mean Posted by Hello

lepas tarawikh kat surau SAMURA. during SPM week.. rindu bangat den.. Posted by Hello

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