Wednesday, April 13, 2005

aktiviti lepas finals

hallo mallo wallo!!

on sunday, i went to Accountancy Leadership & Excellence Award Night 2005 at Sheraton Subang. Quite interesting actually. hehe. thought of not going initially since no one from my batch would go. I was even the only part4 student in the committee. but after some encouraging words fr some people, i went anyway. just to have fun.

and i did have fun. yeay. mingling with people not my own batch was hmm, liberating. dok kat tower SAAS, memang x berkembang, socially speaking. besides we are the 'nerdy' accounting students who 'merely' socialize with thick text books. kan? so the dinner, was a big break for me. ha!

the theme for the night was la fete de l'amour. dress code: black n purple. people were shining n glittering. literally. baju/tudung masing2 batu batu lip lap lip lap anak mami. me? i just picked sumtin simple. laying around the house. hehe (toceh marky bondy)

we were served with chinese cuisine. yummy. i used chopstick halfway through then i gave up. eating prawns with chopstick was an impossible feat. one funny thing- someone (i wont mention the name karena ianya buleh menjatuhkan reputasi seorang umat ni), thought that the small pitcher contained creamer, so he/she poured some into his/her chinese tea. but it was the hot sauce instead. so the tea was left untouched because it was too pedas for his/her taste buds. haha

we ate. we sang UiTM di hatiku. we (table15) did not win anything 4 the lucky draw(except for adhwa: "first time dlm hidup aku dpt")and we took pictures. i like! hehe. taking pictures is always the best part during any dinner. so here are some of them: (more at my fotopages- click pictures)

AFTAS & Pn Zanariah. standing- amalia, aina, apek, afiq, megat, adhwa, balqis, nina, juwita. sitting- ihsan, zaini, puan, mcja Posted by Hello

adhwa, the 'lady killer' (hehe) with who else, the lay-dees.. Posted by Hello

the next morning, yesterday, we had a post mortem. with pn zuraeda. bla bla bla. points to ponder:

1- junior should learn fr senior, and likewise.
2- unity problem (in general)- AFTAS n ABACCS have no problem working together, but just let me put it in the words of Pn Zuraeda:

"ni baru kerja AFTAS n ABACCS. ade senior, junior. still in the same faculty. and kita ade MPP. nnti, bila u all dah kerja, lagi kena deal dgn orang ramai, bangsa lain, agama lain, itu lain, bla bla bla"

in gist (i made it myself)- kene

a) improve interpersonal skill
b) sell yourself appropriately (dont sell ur soul to the devil lorr)
(so that ur market value tu bagus sket)
c) ape lagi yea?? later.....

today, days after the dinner, i still hafta work. yes people, the report. need to compile material fr others b4 i can complete my work. ayoyo. ingatkan nak mintak the other secretary prepare the report, but i just wanna do it myself laa. dah ade sample fr pn zuraeda pun. besides, we (the committee) will get a cert. so, to make it berbaloi, i wanna learn what i should n do what i must.

that means, busy sket....


i always feel bersalah when i read ju's blog. hehe. ju, i know u're reading this. about u were left alone kemas bilik tu... actually i msgd wani, tanye what 2 do with the tikar getah, n i got no reply. kite pun rasenye dah clearkan brg2 kite yg patut2. so, if u feel that i have burdened you, forgive me. u should have called if u needed my help to clean up. rumahku macam agak sekangkang kera je dari UiTM tuh.. more thing, i didnt watch majalah 3 last saturday. dono wat i was doing that time. so, hope it's not too late to say "" WEAW!! HEBAT" kirim salam to ur family and happy holiday!


to wani complicated (i know u sometimes read this): sorry jgk if i burdened you with the clearance form. actually i kinda miss duk kat 3B-02-29. borak2 ngan korang. but i dono, byk sgt attraction kat rumah ni yg i cant resist. hmm, happy babysitting ur nephew haris n kakngah. if possible, lets go out on day during holiday. bukan jauh sangat kelana jy n sh alam.. kals naiks 'kreyda' sambs paks 'sweda' puns braps mins sangs? hehehe....


i dont think i have to have an opinion about everything. sometimes, i just couldnt care less about things, significant or not. takde perasaan pendek kata. so when people ask me "what do u think about bla bla bla?" i feel obligated to give an answer. will i be branded as unopinionated if i say " ntah, i dont have an opinion about bla bla bla because i dont care to think about it. in plain english - i dont give a d*mn". but more often than not, i'd just give them wat i think at that particular moment (n later regret if what i said was stupid). bak kata bal once, it's ur opinion not to have an opinion - better not having one than keep swaying to the left n right.. kikikikiki


i can't handle compliments well. i mean, if u say it straight to my face. kalu nak puji bia puji belakang2. nanti saya kembang n tatau nak respon. hahaha. but, if i wanna perasan2, tu takpe. cthnya, saya masuk dalam bakul yg boleh melompat-lompat dgn sendirinya sambil berbunyi "saya comel" or "saya ayu". thank god for my almost-20 years of life- i've sharpened my bullshit detector. so, jgn kenc*ng sama gua.. hehe. but as human, biasela kene tipu sket2..


no one is perfect, so i guess it's okay to hate urself once in a while.. hehe. dont overdo it laa.. nanti depressed. the concept of "loving yourself" is sometimes easier to grasp than executed. it's a continuous process and some external factors realy do not help, esp ads and other ppl's expectation which make u feel u're not good enough. take time to love and hate urself. haha. (wat am i saying?). one more thing, i rarely have problems with authority but i do not like to be controlled/patronized. it's my life. it's my ship. i'm the captain!!


tadi pi JPJ. lesen P dah expired. dah tukar lesen full!! yeay! terus buat 5 yrs. pasni buleh cabut P kat kereta emakku yang ku pinjam selama inih.

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Maiya said...

Panjang blog kali ni~~! Well, waktu kita tgh bersapu-sapu tu awk and the others kan tgh berkaraoke di red box. Takkan lah nak kacau Nina. Hrith not Haris, hehe~~! Besides, patut rasa ersalah kat Iylia kot, sbb dia datang tolong settlekan tikar getah, padahal dia tak dok kolej langsung. Kita pun rasa agak bersalah kat Iylia. If Iylia read this, Thanks a lot momma Iylia~~!