Saturday, April 16, 2005

pick up line


i know it's not that very easy to initiate a conversation with someone/stranger , nak memulakan perkenalan or even nak tackle someone. there are MANY ways how to approach ppl and make a lasting good first impression. no, today i'm not gonna write about "how to" for i'm quite terrible jugak in this area, but just let me give some pointers yg surefire berkesan, which are the "how not to"

1- NEVER bagi msg kat friendster or sms tuleh ayat yang giler REMPIT macam ni:

kalo dpt msg camni mmg rase nak ketuk. hello? ni zaman ape ni? ape punya ayat daaa? giler rempit. saya tak layan ayat2 camni sgt. mmg abaikan je. rasenye ramai pompuan pun geli geleman ngan ayat2 ni.

2- ayat ni pun tak kurang hebatnye digunakan oleh rempit sedunia/semalaysia tak kira kat shopping complex, pasar malam ataupun kedai runcit pak leman

aaaargh.. penah dengar tak perkataan creative?

3- okay, this one is based on kaklong's experience. she ws with atem kat midv. dok lepak2 ngan girlfriend, gossipping, gelak2 when suddenly a man cakap

kaklong tried to be polite (kot) while atem dah buat muka nak termuntah (she's married to sam btw). abang tu pakai smart la jgk according tu kaklong but dek kerana gaya cakapnye cam gitu, dengan tanpa susah payahnye dier dpt label REMPIT fr kaklong n atem. hehehe

hmm, sbenanye, ni contoh2 ayat org yg x sincere nak bekenalan n mmg saje2 ckp without meaning them. n my examples are about laki to perempuan. i think perempuan to perempuan takde problem sangat kot. for more scoop on this topic, watch HITCH. kikikiki

the ultimate pick up line

okay, this one, i read in 'the star' ages ago, so i dont quite remember the exact words. the phrase was invented by the japanese after thorough research. serious. everybody knows the japanese kat sentiasa busy, n they need to fast forward everything. so, this pick up line is supposed to work la. you be the judge

" this time next year, let's be laughing together"

from what i remember:

1- this time next year- shows that a person wants the relationship to work, i mean, in the long term. it's like he/she hopes that they will still have wat they have now in the future. ni kira serious jugak n bukan nak main2 fling je.

2- let's be laughing- ni kira, nak wujudkan mutual relationship la where you share jokes with the loved/close ones. not just sexual pleasure. besides, sense of humour is something ppl look in others (ni related but i dono how to put it)

3- together - self explanatory

furthermore, this phrase is not 'jiwang' and you can always laught it off if the person to whom you said it buat muka pelik. hahaha


Maiya said...

Hehe, betul betul! U're right! Gi ampus sokmo rempitz di M'sia~~~MuA HAHAHA ahahahahHa aHAHAh~~!!...

Ahem...Behave, behave~~!! BEHAV!

Ok, so camne those rempitz nak ngorat if tak guna those ayat? So, yesterday kita dpt this one msg, yg tak caya kita 16 y.o. And dia can guess that i'm either 19 or 21. So i'm impressed, ape lagi, reply lar! And it turn out to be, He is a SHE~!!

Tat's mean, budak pompuan was born to attract people to reply/talk to them.

Kan Nina? Kekekke~~!!

P.S: Padahal kitorang pernah kacau budak laki kat tepi jalan jugak dan 'quote' ayat si rempits.

Jalilah said...

btol, mat rempit ni mmg bangang. hahaha. kite bleh differentiate between orang yang btol2 nak kawan ngan kite because of our personality or orang yang nak kawan ngan kite sbb nak menggatal. hehe