Friday, April 29, 2005


date: 28042005
time: 1218hrs

status: still tercekik

hypothesis: the 'thing' will dissolve in time and everything will be fine in two days

attempt 1: 5 biji nasi kepal (sebesar sebiji guli) ditelan bersama air
result : unsuccesful

attempt 2: a few litres/gallons of water including warm, hot and room temperature
result : unsuccesful

attempt 3: vomitting. twice (i dont want to be bulimic)
result : unsuccessful

attempt 4: bersabar dan berdoa
result: we'll see

conclusion: officially, i've suffered for more than 48 hours. how much longer will it end. i wonder.

lesson #23 : look before you leap, chew before/while you eat..

BEWARE! it can choke you.. 

reference: check out previous entry for the history of my tercekikness....

application: when one is choking, she/he tends to buat muka/berkerut/berdehem (ehm ehm) constantly. so when a classmate said "eit, nina suka buat muka (btw, i am always full of expression)", don't take it personally because, you HAVE an issue.. haha

side effect: due to the constant ehem ehem, your voice will become slightly serak. in other words, SEXIER.. awww!!

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