Monday, May 16, 2005


halo again.. second entry for today.. muahaha... ni saje2 nak letak gambar.. btw, just realized that i've got a number, for malaysian top blog.. muahaha.. sungguh tak caye.. ingatkan selama ni takde sape nak bace.. number 85. okla kan? takkan nak challenge sultan muzaffar or the enchanted realm.. haha

okay.. i think, people who have been reading my blog, must have realized how an avid movie goer I am. yela, time2 nak finals pun pi tgk movie jgk. i started young. since standard 2. first movie that i watched was jurrasic park. (okay, when i say movie, bukanla setakat tengok kat tv/astro, but tengok kat panggung). i make it now my 'hobby' to keep the movie tickets, eventho ade gak la kengkadang yg terhilang. and i make a list of the movies i've watched at the cinema, and with whom i watched them. so far, ade dlm 125. saje je nak keep track, mane tau one day bole masuk malaysian record. plus, i can see how the movie tickets evolve, from green to white, to i dont know....... below are some pictures (ade byk lagi tickets yg dah hilang, plus dulu2 tgk movie tak kumpul tickets. ni starting year 1999 onwards)

yeah....and these are not all..  Posted by Hello

from another angle Posted by Hello

a humble comparison.. muahaha Posted by Hello

okay, enuff of that. coming up are the pictures of my new phone. (second hand, not brand new). kamil kirim from UK. it's a 3G fon. in the UK, u can make a video call, but i dont think kat malaysia boleh. maybe later celcom or maxis will include it in their services. tapi, takpela, saya bukannya meng-optimumkan semua function yg ade kat 'gadget' ni pun.... call orang, bagi msg, amek gambar..DAH!

my nec e616v Posted by Hello

e616v- the interior Posted by Hello

haritu kuar ngan meyort pi ou, tgk guess who?. original plan- pi sunway lagoon with aishah aka shaggy but that girl's fon went kong, tak dpt nak contact plk. niways, girls day out memang syiok.. temankan meyort pi buat makeover. bought a pair of pants yg cantik (muahaha-50%) and baju yg cantik jugak (dpt loan from meyort pasal tak cukup cash- ei, i wore that blouse to class- "eh nina, cantiknya baju awak"- muahaha).. mmm, gossiping. bla bla bla.. takyah describe everything or else, i'll sound shallow/bimbo-ish.. nah pictures. meyort, i promised to upload ages ago.. takpe la.. more later yaa?!

nina n meyort... dreaming of ashton kutcher kah? muahaha.. looking forward to having another gedik outing with u Posted by Hello

sumayyah- looking all rosy n pinky after her 1st free makeover at stila's.  Posted by Hello

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