Wednesday, May 18, 2005

star wars


what day is 2day? oo, tuesday. wednesday. then thursday. yup, the big day. exam result will be out.

so today is tuesday. twosday. another two days. wednesday. thursday. i'm going nuts. all the best nina!! and fellow uitm students. may the force be with you eiiks.

*i'm posting just for the sake of posting*


we got a lengthy lecture during FAR on monday. hmm, accountability, integrity, honesty.. apparently, puan caught some of us cheating in our test on friday(it's not me for sure, dont worry. i'm done with that).

"i couldn't believe you resorted to cheating. i look up highly on you, fast track students, and i've mentioned it so many times...."

"you really have sold your soul to the devil"

"ape kata orang, siakap senohong gelama ikan duri, bercakap bohong, lama-lama mencuri"

those are some of the things she said.

lesson #49- pandai2 la pikir ye.
"what goes around comes around, what goes up must come down" -karma.A.kunci-

post script: 'thnx' to those ppl, we hafta resit the test. aiyo. di kala kesibukan dan kemalasan ini.. but who am i to say. majority decides.. haargh!

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Jalilah said...

hmm... the lecture sangat menakutkan but at the same time, it opened my eyes. hehe... i just wish that there are more lecturers like her coz in my opinion, the only reason students cheat during quizzes and tests was because; 1)the lecturer are not strict enough so that gives the student the green light to cheat, not the official green light of course... 2)they dared to cheat because they are just too lazy to study. We are humans. Under pressure, we will automatically turn on our survival mode and try to survive. When having such lecturer, we will try to survive and laziness will be the thing of the past...