Wednesday, June 01, 2005



may the force be with you

has been hit this world, by a force so great. starwars frenzy, it is dear people of the galaxy. at a loss, you are, people who, have not watch the latest episode of THE super saga. muahaha. with master yoda, so influenced i am. that little green jedi....

ok, enough with the jumbled up words. stop, i must. muahaha

i cant believe, me, of all people, terjebak ke dalam kancah starwars. never have i been a starwars fanatic. but lately, i found myself, surfing the starwars websites and, jeng jeng jeng, even got me a starwars name.... muahaha. i am Zargh Hakla, Inasag of Dextracin.. below are the instructions on how to create your own starwars name. i copied it from friendster bulletin board. see, i dont usually post bulletins, but this one is so cool, i had to repost it. and, surprise surprise, after i did it, at least 4 of the ppl in my friend list reposted it. keep it coming people!! muahaha. okay, so here goes....

Star Wars Name`
How to determine YOUR Star Wars name

Your New First Name:
1. Take the first 3 letters of your 1st name.
2. Add the first 2 letters of your last name.
Your New Last Name:
3. Take the first 2 letters of your Mom's maiden
4. Add the first 3 letters of the city you were
born in.
Your Star Wars Honorific Title:
1: Take the last three letters of your last name
and reverse them
2: Add the first three letters of the make or
model of your first car
3: Insert the word "of"
4: Tack on the name of the last medication you

last nite, i had a chat with sarakay. fun fun fun. both pretended like we were yoda, chatting our butts off.. i even saved our conversation. poyo. u b the judge...

ihsan202: Zargh Hakla, Inasag of Dextracin
ihsan202: May the force be with you
la_niina: hahaha
la_niina: yes
la_niina: with me, is the force
ihsan202: wahahaha
la_niina: strwrs, have u watched?
ihsan202: i have, yes.
la_niina: muahaha
ihsan202: :))
ihsan202: watch, have you?
la_niina: today, ive wtched it
ihsan202: very good, yes?
la_niina: indeed yes
la_niina: cry, i almost
la_niina: but no, i did not
ihsan202: hmm
ihsan202: too me.
ihsan202: =))
la_niina: muahahahaha
la_niina: yoda yg comel
la_niina: miss you, i will
la_niina: muahahahahaha
la_niina: :))
ihsan202: nama kite sarka nipet
ihsan202: mirkel of panadol
ihsan202: =))
la_niina: haha
la_niina: kelaka la mende tu
la_niina: who came out wit dat, i wonder
ihsan202: i too, wonder
ihsan202: the one that did, clever he is.
la_niina: sey
la_niina: *dah takle nak tebalikkan yes*
la_niina: muahaha
la_niina: eh, episode 4,5,6 do u have?
ihsan202: =))
ihsan202: 4, i have
ihsan202: 5 and 6, downloading still
la_niina: owh, borrow them later, can i?
ihsan202: burn, you can
la_niina: owh,
ihsan202: in pc, it is
la_niina: then, burn it i will
ihsan202: burn, you must
la_niina: yes, burn i must
la_niina: the place to download, where it is?
la_niina: bit torren?
la_niina: pirate bay?
la_niina: and owh,
la_niina: the time it will take, how long?
ihsan202: bit torren, limewire or ares
ihsan202: too long, the time
ihsan202: more than one day, i have to wait
la_niina: =))
la_niina: ku tak tahan.....
ihsan202: wahahaha
ihsan202: tak tahan, ku.
la_niina: kuang kuang

ok..ok... now, a little scoop bout the movie. i like the turning point, where anakin chose to be on the dark side of the force.. when he killed master windu because of the chancellor... "what have i done?!!" agk menusuk kalbu di situ. and then, when he fought with obi wan towards the end. what obi wan said to him was a slap right in the face laa, but anakin was too arrogant to listen. "you were like my brother....are you not the one?"...hmm, other than that, fighting scenes yg lain agak menarik, everyone with light sabers...but, me and maya agreed that the romantic scenes were just not that romantic. lack of chemistry la between anakin n padme.. ntah. and the reason (more like an excuse) for anakin's change of heart seems too good too be true in real life (the lovey dovey part, not the lust for power part)(and ok, i know, if i want realistic arguments i should just tune it to discovery channel). wah wah. i hear u sing "love makes the world go round". padme amidala and helen of troy. see the connection? can zarina be the reason for something big and significant? or a joyah binti sukaiman for that matter?...abaikan

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