Friday, June 10, 2005



one... two... here's three.. and another one right there..masyaAllah, ade lagi baru nak naik. ok, i shall not reveal the official number of zits on my face, coz that will be like, memalukan diri sendiri. tapi, itu hakikatnya skrg. (i know, of all the things to be worried about, zits? bazir tenaga aje) haha. and since i have NO life during this holiday, spending a few minutes in front of the mirror, counting the ever-popping pimples, and squeeze them, seem like a finger exercise.

*there are times in a girl's life (we can say, every month), where, zits wont stop popping out, and she feels crappy, not to forget painful in some areas, and, she has to wash extra panties because of 'the stain'*... will be further elaborated when the mood kicks in, but for now, this will do. girls/women, i feel for u. and guys, takyah nak geli, bini korang nnti pun sama gak...

"wooooops?!?! my insurance does not cover PMS"- ten things i hate about you

.....continued.NO life means, no productive/interesting activities. i just sit on the couch and watch the idiot box all day that i have actually developed a back sore. even the constant change of positions do not make me feel comfortable. perhaps i need to transform myself into cik kentang to fully capture the non-literal meaning of couch potato. bah!. see, this is stupidity. haha. owh, i was going through my old emails, n found a few pictures. here's one. i'd say, let's celebrate stupidity, for this time. hail stupidity!! haha. it's like u're holding up a sign that says "i am stupid because i am not clever". doooosh!

good job, manager... 

okay, about the 'no life' again... sure,i, like others, when the exams are over, write up this one list of "things to do", which normally include 1.update cds/pictures/album, up with so and so, 3.go to ....(insert any happening place), 4.finish reading ......(any bestseller, or chick lit novels, and fine, starwars comics if u like), 5.kemas rumah/bilik, 6.belajar masak(yeah rite)......... u get my point kan. so, i will save ur time by not listing down my "things to do", because trust me, u dont wanna know. heh. and i'll even do u a favour by not telling YOU, my pathetic "things to buy" list. haha. i'm tolerant and considerate. that's wat they say. haha. kay, apart fr the long overdue things like i've mentioned, ur list is to be filled by at least one extraordinary/special/extra fun activity, usually. bungee jumping and para-gliding may sound a bit OTT, but wall climbing seems possible. kan AQIE??? jom jom.

as i'm turning 20 this year, i begin to track back my life. k, this is not the time for me to write heavy topics like the lessons learned, or even the meaning of life. i'll save that for another day. maybe i wont even write about it because i personally believe that, everybody can think about it him/herself, with god-given brains. kan? like every tom dick n harry must've had his own life story and how certain things/events shape his future/way of thinking bla bla bla. but ppl, the focus here is on ME..haha. (mcm budak kecik jerit "me, me, me" nak kan attention). okay now, i have ur attention kan? haha. veto di situ.(but it's a fact. u're willing enough to give me ur attention by reading my blog.... haha, i lap u)ok now, let's fo to the point. i always consider myself as baik. not baik as in baik uztazah ke hape. baik yg tak liar pergaulan, pemakaian n aktiviti. there are lines that i wont cross in, everything. so, that makes me somewhere in the middle, which is not bad. it's good. but, at times i feel my life lack the fun-ness like aktiviti di malam hari, di siang hari etc.. macam...erm. alah, susah nak explain (orang paham tak agak2 nye?). i do not want to be overtly n excessively wild, but a little bit of spice wouldn't hurt, sementara ku muda lagi... sila jangan salah faham. me just want innocent fun!!! hmmmmmm, maybe i should take the short cut and dye my hair blonde. u know wat they say, blondes have more fun... yeah rite. crap-pucino (kan nana?). n why are the holiwood stars suddenly becoming brunettes? too much fun in their lives izzit? muahaha


okay, tadi tengok diari akedemi lagi.. hmm, skrg cam tgh takde la giler sokong siapa. dulu mmg fanatik mawi, same cam kaklong. skrg suka still suka jugak. tapi dier cam ade gak unsur2 poyo sket. sikit la. haha, sukati je. his attraction is pada suaranya yg seksi dan maskulin. muahaha.dahla qari, mane tak gadis2 go heads over heels kan? hmm, gaya cakapnyer, macam kamil, sebijik-sebijik. owh kamil yg membaca ni, ade sorang mamat AF3 tu kan, membuatkan nina teringat kamil. haha. dengan gaya menari yg agak-agak keras tu. haha. tapi dier kurus, kamil dot dot dot. muahahaha. okla, asyik kasi publisiti kat mawi je kan. ntah2 dh lame nanti tak suka pun..we'll just have 2 wait n see. okay, felix is also support-worthy. suara ok. agak kelakak jgk tgk gelagat nyer yg jugak keras bab-bab menari ni. hmm, reza seronok ditonton. ada gaya. i loikke!! yg lain tanak citer, yeay! mmm, yg girls, saya neutral aje, except for marsha. marsha=gedik. mm, eliza n amylea cam sgt bersungguh2 dlm clas, bagusla. skrg cam suke sket kat akma. ntahla. skrg pendirian cam tak tetap lagi. they need to prove their support-worthiness to get my afundi, dengan bakat dan jugak good attitude. now is too soon la darlings. walaubagaimanapun, sy tetap memberi semangat dengan membeli tiket untuk menyaksikan konsert ke-2 ni.. haha.. (kabarnya ama dpt belikan ticket row yg agak depan, so boleh tgk sorang2 upclose. setinggi mane kah akma? atau sebulat manekah fuad?) agaga!

sempena mawi mengingatkan nina kat kamil, nina letak la gamba kamil kat blog nina. haha..gamba ni pun terjumpa masa check balik email lama2.

kamil 2004- tioman. tidak lame selepas kepala di-shave setelah sekian lame menyimpan rambut panjang ala-ala anggota ke-5 dalam F4. hahahahaha......owh abangku!

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