Wednesday, June 08, 2005

holiday edition


A not-so-special Holiday Edition

warning: this entry is of low quality. if u think u cant handle it, just type you will be more entertained there. and more informed. gah.

i'm suffering from post-examination effect. my brain cells are soo overworked. and underpaid. so, everything in this entry, is nonsensical issues, very unintellectual, nonsensical, and pathetic. im telling u, it's not too late to visit oprah. go. go now. shooo!

haha. so u really wanna read my shit. yeay! silakan.....

basically, i've finished my diploma. the last paper ws on sunday.(uitm mmg suka buat exam hari ahad, sape ajar ntah). i couldnt wait to get it over n done with(when u're one paper away fr completing ur dip/degree, u'll understand my impatience n lack of motivation). left the studying till the very last minute(macam tak biasa pulak). thnx to a mug of kaw kaw pnye nescafe, i managed to stay up till 6.15 am and woke up later looking like a panda. serious. and i sleepdrove on my way to exam center (kan ju?). kere

so ladies n gentlemen, the question is, what/who should be blamed when this kinda thing happen? one, u can blame the students for being extremely lazy and inconsistent (but to no avail of course since it's second nature for the students to leave everything to the last nanosecond). or, second, you can blame astro for dragging the concert up to almost 1.00 am. memainkan emosi penonton dengan kezutan-kezutan yg sgt "oooh, terkejutnya!". not. but being the peminat setia of mawi, i watched all the way through. wat do u expect. pegi baca buku dan melepaskan detik2 mawi diserap masuk? mungkin tidak...

oh my GOAT!! u knoe wht did i sound like? gadis gadis melayu yg serious dilanda demam af... haha. nk bwat camne. at least i dont go sms-ing at chnnl 15. kan? haha. (but i already have a ticket for the 2nd concert, mind you). lalala. k, rite, now i go with mawi. but reza is also menarik with his selambe-ness. felix muka tak berperasaan, tapi pun boleh tahan. kefli is such a pretty boy. aidil muka kasanova. fuad sedikit poyo. yazer ok, terror goreng guitar. i'll leave out the comments on the girls. eh jap.... overall, girls are fine. but, marsha is so bleargh with a capital B. complain + cry. wth?

erm...all of a sudden, my ideas are gone.. talk about procrastination. hmm, hopefully *fingers crossed*, i'll be back with topics with more substance, depth and poignancy (hah, wishful thinking right there). till then, it's crap n rubbish. ive told u, u should read wa wa wa

eit, collected my ielts result this morning. surprise. haha. better than wht i expected. angkat tangan kanan, tepuk bahu kiri="SYABAS".

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