Monday, August 29, 2005



it's sunday. abah's cooking in the kitchen. and the AROMA... owh my god! sedap lauk dimasak, sedap lagi hidung yang menghidu.. duck curry n ikan tenggiri jeruk masin. mmm.. perut makin bulat..;p

actually, i've been wanting to post an entry since last week to let the 'world' know about my eventless life, but i figured, mampuslah, it's old news already. kan?! and no one really cares..

friday ws d-day. haha. hari nina berlari ala-ala berjogging kat tasik. for those who dont know, i represented my faculty for 1500m run, n didnt win. the sugarcoated version of the truth would be "saya tak menang, bukan last dan at least habiskan lari". ahha. all this while, i've been running alone kat tasik n i tot, okayla, i'm competent enuff for long distance run. the race proved one thing as far as i'm concerned. I AM NOT that bad, it's just that there are others who r better. tiada pengalah di sini. hehe. i used to be really really hard on myself, like i have to win everything n i'm a failure if i dont, but not this time. actually, that day, i got the clarity i've been searching for. a liberation. for quite a while, prior to the run, my mind ws simply unsettled.(usually i'd blame the hormones,n i'll continue blaming them once a month for making me feel crappy).in retrospect, i think my perspective on life was clouded by things that are very unimportant. unnecessary pressure, thnx for this modern life we're living in today. sorry for making this sound so convoluted. i better stop. like NOW.

on a lighter note, (ha!finally) i ws xtremely delighted on the surprise my dear friends (u know who u are if u read my humble blog) threw on me. a few hrs before i ran, they give me a CD, untuk menaikkan semangat la kononnya. CD MAWI!!!!!!! oh my god!! i ws frakking happy. shrieking n frolicking mcm orng gile. "eh korang, kite sgt terharu rase cam nak rogol korang!!"(and u know i mean in the most polite n loving way lah kan!). dan dan tu jugak i felt like i owe u ppl, so one way to repay u guys ws by telling my secret. haha. so, sila jgn bitau orang.. another thing that kinda made my day was the cheer n support i received. haha. thnx to idan, megat(i think i heard u) n the rest for jerit2. the guys totally jinxed it laa, no wonder i didnt win. haha. tipu2. very much appreciated eventho they went a bit OTT with "oi bulu ketiak bersepah pakai sleeveless!" LOL!!


though i cant exactly say what i WANT, i can definitely tell myself what i DONT want..


last nite, i went to the actor's studio in bangsar with 'the sister' for a stand-up comedy show. Actorlympics. for those who x know ape kejadah is actorlympics, go here will ya?! kla, it's the msian version of WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?they were totally hillarious. nak mampus. serious, Malaysia Boleh! we sat on the front row, giler dekat ngan stage. n when douglas lim went down for the 'dubbing' game, i intentionally panjangkan my leg so that our legs touched. haha. the actors/actress for the night were ida nerina (she's totally sexy), douglas lim (in case u x know, he ws in kopitiam), sabrina (ive seen her in tv drama n local english sitcom), afdlin shauki (the ever-s0-funny-and-talented man), nahar/na'a (i'm not sure wat his name is-btw,he used to be in BUDDIES tv2), and edwin (also a penggiat teater). kalu korang interested nk tgk, hurry! today is the last day. next time kalu ade lagi, nk tgk laaa... mau join?! haha

kayla, nak pegi makan, pastu study. esok ade QMT test. sebende haram tak start lagi...

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