Monday, August 15, 2005



i know this one is long overdue>> CONGRATULATIONS MAWI!!! omg, wiraku yg jantan macho bergaya.. haha.. btw, thnx to my frends who did congratulate me for his win. haha. fyi, i am NOT frustrated for i've never had any intention to be his fiancee whatsoever. tak kesah siapa pilihan hati mawi, asalkan dier bahagia. kan? haha

watching mawi on @15 n af uncut version made me fall in love with him, all over again.. kate la ape korang nak kate.budak ni gila ke, hape ke? tapi mmg, it's been a looong time since i felt like this, i mean terhadap artis/celebrity laa. dulu pun, kat AJ McLean, and Ashton Kutcher.. haha. abaikan..

bak kata adlin.."kurang kasih sayang".. n for my part.."kurang tempat utk curahkan kasih sayang dan perhatian berlebihan".. thehehe

so far, i think, no one really reads my blog, except for, u know, the usual(s). family n friends. but apparently, i'll be losing one of my loyal readers because he seems to feel tht drag queens' blogs r more, emm, fulfilling?!. haha. tak kuasa mak!!


i dont like politics.. cant ppl just play nice n go ahead?!?!


kamil called. rambut pun dah potong pendek. macam mawi!!!


can u still be friends with your ex?


countdown- less than a month till the day. hafta get rid of bad habits. some say, act ur age.. well, u can only be young once, but u can always be immature..

acceptance's the key. resistant is useless..

demi masa.....

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